Definition of harmoniousness in English:



  • See harmonious

    • ‘For Rothko the experience of beauty is ‘the experience of rightness, reflected in an ideal of proportions, and as an apperception of harmoniousness, whose recognition produces an exaltation.’’
    • ‘The law began to emphasize social harmoniousness as a goal rather than use repression as a means to satisfy God's vengeance.’
    • ‘The traditional feeling of attachment to the US, characterised by a general harmoniousness since the end of the Second World War, has soured into a sceptical and even hostile attitude.’
    • ‘But their lack of harmoniousness yields an ungainly charm, familiar and easy to settle into.’
    • ‘Indeed harmoniousness is built into the whole concept of Cubist pictorial art as a structure of linked or overlapping planes into which everything in the picture * objects and background * is integrated.’