Definition of harmlessness in English:



  • See harmless

    • ‘But in the buzzing reality of daily life, bees collect from hundreds of types of plants, so whatever toxins they pick up are diluted to the point of harmlessness.’
    • ‘The task of the forensic entomologist in cases of phobia is primarily to confirm that there is an insect involved, and to reassure sufferers about the harmlessness of the insects.’
    • ‘Patients admitted to Yaba found it difficult to be released from the asylum, where the staff aimed at reducing patients to harmlessness rather than nursing them to mental health.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the premise that marijuana is harmless because it's just a plant could also be used to explain the harmlessness of cocaine and heroin.’
    • ‘A lot of churches seem to make it their main job to assert their own harmlessness, advertising a ‘safe, accepting environment’.’