Definition of harlequin fish in English:

harlequin fish


  • A small brightly coloured freshwater fish of SE Asia, popular in aquaria.

    Rasbora heteromorpha, family Cyprinidae

    • ‘These include tropical species such as the yellow surgeon fish, the multicoloured angel fish, the harlequin fish, the butterfly fish, the bicoloured goatfish, the mandarin fish and the Picasso trigger fish.’
    • ‘The jetty is occasionally home to the common sea dragon and the spectacular harlequin fish.’
    • ‘One example is the harlequin fish, which, according to literature prior to the early 1990s, is found only in South Australia and Western Australia.’
    • ‘One large tank contains mostly smallish goldfish, and the other a mixture of tropical fish, including angels, kribs, red-tailed sharks, Chinese algae eaters, harlequin fish, various tetras, and corys.’
    • ‘Probably the most popular rasbora, harlequin fish are lively and peaceful, and are best when swimming in a shoal.’


harlequin fish