Definition of hardwood in English:



  • 1The wood from a broadleaved tree (such as oak, ash, or beech) as distinguished from that of conifers:

    ‘all hardwood should be treated with stain preservative’
    [count noun] ‘their import of tropical hardwoods’
    • ‘Timber windows are surging in popularity, both in tropical hardwoods and pressure treated softwoods like pine and larch.’
    • ‘But I no longer have to turn around every 90 seconds to see if she's rolled off the rug, pulled her socks off and is face down on the hardwood.’
    • ‘After considering cork and stone floor tiles, we decided to extend the hardwood of the dining area into the kitchen for continuity and a look that made the kitchen seem more like a living space.’
    • ‘Wood benches made from hardwood such as teak, redwood, mahogany, or cedar can stay outside year-round.’
    • ‘At the custom level, tropical hardwoods such as teak and mahogany doors are also possible.’
    • ‘The wood engraver uses a hardwood, generally box, sawn across the grain of the wood and highly polished.’
    • ‘When selecting your decking planks, always check that the timbers are either hardwood or pressure treated softwood.’
    • ‘Units in the development feature oil-fired central heating, teak hardwood front doors and tongue-and-groove white deal flooring upstairs.’
    • ‘How many pistols used grips made of walnut is not known, but at some point, the hardwood used was light in color, and the grips were blackened using a paint-like stain.’
    • ‘The two basic categories of wood are hardwood and softwood.’
    • ‘The two basic categories of wood used most often in wood working projects are hardwood and softwood.’
    • ‘Some of it will just peel off without damaging the original finish on the hardwood.’
    • ‘Or should it be grey, because there's a little strip running along the edge of the tile where it meets the hardwood, and you know, grey and brushed chrome are kinda part of the same family.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the building material used then was hardwood and it has survived well, especially given the severities of the tropical climate.’
    • ‘During two time periods the hardwood cultivated sites had much higher net N mineralization rates than all other sites.’
    • ‘The rooves are made of temperate hardwood which is widely believed to be more environmentally friendly than tropical hardwood.’
    • ‘The best decking is made of hardwood or pressure-treated softwood.’
    • ‘If you use charcoal, buy products made from hardwood because soft woods burn at higher temperatures.’
    • ‘The relative merits of hardwood and softwoods are covered in depth with regard to local availability, strength, moisture content and durability.’
    • ‘The concrete walls are largely unadorned, but in places are tinted dull pink or blue and clad in horizontal slats of dark tropical hardwood.’
    • ‘Even bedrooms are being tiled, though usually with radiant floor heat to take off the chill in winter, but more often with hardwood or engineered wood and area rugs.’
    1. 1.1[count noun] A broadleaved tree that produces hardwood:
      ‘the land isn't fertile enough for hardwoods’
      [as modifier] ‘hardwood forests’
      • ‘Ten plots each were placed in bottomland hardwood, upland hardwood, and stands clearcut in 1993.’
      • ‘Lime trees are a hardwood tree, and limewood's particular structural character lends itself well to carving, allowing tools to be used both along the grain and to some extent axially.’
      • ‘These two species survive as relict populations in the mountains of eastern Mexico, sometimes in high elevation conifer stands but also in stands at mid-elevation that include hardwood trees.’
      • ‘The Embera Indians produce basketry of very high quality, as well as wood carvings in tropical hardwoods.’
      • ‘Two years postburn, we found a significant reduction in subcanopy cover of oaks (but not of other subcanopy hardwoods) and in the shrub cover of scrubby oaks, other hardwoods and palmettos.’
      • ‘Indonesia banned in 2001 the sale of ramin, a blond tropical hardwood, and registered it under CITES Appendix 3 to curb the illegal trade.’
      • ‘Carved from a dense forest of hardwoods and pines in the southwest Richmond, Va., suburb of Manakin-Sabot, most of Kinloch's holes are unusually broad.’
      • ‘Resident species that we expected to forage preferentially on either longleaf pines or hardwoods during the breeding season continued to do so during the winter.’
      • ‘Over the years plantations have been established in areas that were once covered in indigenous hardwood like yellow wood, ironwood and red pear trees.’
      • ‘On an exceptionally warm fall day, my wife and I went for a walk at a nature preserve, a mixed area of open sphagnum bogs and glacially derived sand dunes, now overgrown with white pine and hardwoods.’
      • ‘Modern Metasequoia has relatively low-density wood compared with other temperate conifer and hardwood species.’
      • ‘The breadfruit trees, cycads and tall hardwoods of that forest hide hornbills, sea eagles and monkeys.’
      • ‘Bangalore's Conservator of Forests V. Rangaswamy says Mahogany are hardwood trees and deep-rooted and hence, they withstand the strongest winds.’
      • ‘In Washington, they use three main types of habitat: forested riversides with large cottonwoods and other hardwoods, Ponderosa pine forests, especially at the lower edge of the tree line, and Garry oak stands.’
      • ‘Testing of the fungus on several economically important hardwood and softwood trees showed no harmful effects.’
      • ‘Most conifers and a few hardwoods, such as sweetgum and tuliptree, have excurrent forms.’
      • ‘Since plant communities could influence soil processes, the plots were stratified into two broad vegetation classes: conifer and hardwood.’
      • ‘Increasingly, all PEI contractors are moving into mixed hardwood / softwood stands as the old field white spruce stands become scarcer.’
      • ‘Its highest peak scrapes 8,749 feet into the Chihuahuan Desert sky and snags 21 inches of rain a year, enough to nourish these unlikely forests of firs and hardwoods.’
      • ‘Although nitrification was detected for at least one time period in all sites, substantial nitrification occurred only in the hardwood cultivated sites.’
  • 2(in gardening) mature growth on shrubs and other plants:

    [as modifier] ‘hardwood cuttings are usually taken in winter’
    • ‘Jostaberries are easily propagated by hardwood stem cuttings.’
    • ‘Instead of throwing the buddleia, rose or other prunings away use them as hardwood cuttings and plant in a trench in a sheltered part of the garden.’
    • ‘When using the second method for rooting hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants you do everything exactly the same as you do with method number one, up to the point where you bury them for the winter.’
    • ‘This method still applies to hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants.’
    • ‘Winter may not seem like the best time for gardening, but it's actually an excellent time to propagate plants from hardwood or root cuttings.’