Definition of hardwired in English:



  • 1Involving or achieved by permanently connected circuits rather than software:

    ‘the hard-wired routines in a handheld calculator’
    • ‘For those who prefer a hard-wired connection, it's got a Gigabit Ethernet port.’
    • ‘Once you see the wireless network as your platform, rather than a specific hard-wired device like the PC, all sorts of things become possible.’
    • ‘He dismissed claims from ServGate that NetScreen's hardware lacks flexibility, pointing out that its appliances feature programmable RISC processors as well as hard-wired ASICs.’
    • ‘The confluence of the convention, various interest groups and the debut of the hard-wired interconnect in Philadelphia has led to an unexpected amount of political advertising for Comcast over the past few months.’
    • ‘In electronic jargon we can imagine that it is a hard-wired input - output circuit.’
    1. 1.1informal Genetically determined or compelled:
      ‘fear is hardwired in our brain’