Definition of hardwire in English:



[with object]
  • 1Make (a function) a permanent feature in a computer by means of permanently connected circuits, so that it cannot be altered by software.

    ‘the rate at which the supply of bitcoins grows is hardwired into the system’
    ‘hardwired microprocessors only execute code; they themselves are not programmable’
    • ‘For those who prefer a hard-wired connection, it's got a Gigabit Ethernet port.’
    • ‘Once you see the wireless network as your platform, rather than a specific hard-wired device like the PC, all sorts of things become possible.’
    • ‘In electronic jargon we can imagine that it is a hard-wired input - output circuit.’
    • ‘He dismissed claims from ServGate that NetScreen's hardware lacks flexibility, pointing out that its appliances feature programmable RISC processors as well as hard-wired ASICs.’
    • ‘The confluence of the convention, various interest groups and the debut of the hard-wired interconnect in Philadelphia has led to an unexpected amount of political advertising for Comcast over the past few months.’
    1. 1.1 Connect (electrical parts) permanently.
      ‘you can use the alligator clips, or hardwire the unit in and mount it’
      ‘new houses must have hardwired smoke detectors’
  • 2Make (a pattern of behaviour or belief) standard or instinctive.

    ‘it takes about three weeks for a new habit to be hardwired in your brain’
    ‘a hardwired sense of morality’