Definition of hardstone in English:



mass noun
  • Precious or semi-precious stone used for intaglio, mosaic work, etc.

    • ‘Hewn from jade, nephrite, marble, and hardstone, the oddly shaped blades lack an obvious prototype in any functional tool or weapon.’
    • ‘Scagliola, an ancient Roman technique revived in the renaissance, is in essence the imitation of marble or hardstone with a powdered crystalline version of gypsum, which is mixed with glue, coloured and polished.’
    • ‘Since the art of cameo cutting is such a difficult one, these hardstone royal images were regarded as the most prestigious of gifts, reserved either for a close relation of the monarch or a person of the greatest political importance.’
    • ‘The bloodstone cup by Morel is a tour de force of hardstone carving and gold and enamel work.’
    • ‘Despite the decorative function of many of the hardstone carvings, however, the emperor was sensitive about ‘vulgar’ works.’
    • ‘Frequently when a hardstone is carved, layers of different colors are exposed, enabling the gem cutter to create shadows that endow the composition with a sense of depth, movement, and atmosphere.’
    • ‘The 183 objects in the show include paintings, drawings, prints, tapestries, glass, arms and armor, cameos, ivories, jewelry, hardstone carvings, and metalwork.’
    • ‘Prague once again became a great centre of hardstone - not to mention rock crystal - production in the later sixteenth century by virtue of the patronage of Emperor Rudolph II.’
    • ‘Foggini was also active as a designer of furniture and hardstone objects for the Medici grand dukes, many of his drawings for which survive.’