Definition of hardened in English:



  • 1Having become or been made hard or harder.

    ‘hardened steel’
    • ‘On the practical side, dried and hardened wax provides a measure of physical protection to the finish.’
    • ‘The design engineer should be establishing the requirements for the hardened concrete and leave the mixture proportioning to the producers.’
    • ‘The benefits of SCC include primarily its workability in the plastic state, rather than enhanced properties in the hardened state.’
    • ‘If the bleed water gets finished back in, the hardened concrete surface may be weak, porous, and vulnerable to abrasion and salt scaling.’
    • ‘First the hardened concrete is saturated with Back-Set, either with a brush or by spraying.’
    • ‘Matt froze like hardened lava when the man turned to him.’
    • ‘More than once, someone working on the hardened deck concrete would step into the still plastic concrete over the columns.’
    • ‘She handed them a bundle of letters, all prettily made up in fancy paper, sealed with a flourished hardened wax stamp.’
    • ‘Eventually some of the water, that which has not reacted chemically with the cement, evaporates into the air but some of it remains in the hardened concrete.’
    • ‘The same mix characteristics that make it hard for water to penetrate into the hardened concrete make it tough for the bleed water to get out.’
    • ‘Superman has been known to leave his fingerprints in steel and in hardened concrete, accidentally.’
    • ‘What matters most are these characteristics in the hardened concrete - not in the fresh concrete.’
    • ‘When they are cool and the wax is hardened, place the cones in a basket and add a colorful ribbon bow to the handle.’
    • ‘It was still hard, but the hardened clay came off a little.’
    • ‘Bonnie informed him that the muscular arm of their wings formed a hardened scale, dense enough to cut flesh and metal alike.’
    • ‘This hardened infrastructure costs millions of dollars and can consume a considerable amount of space.’
    • ‘The nail plate, which is dead, compacted and hardened keratin, is the visible part of the nail that you polish, and the nail bed is the skin beneath it.’
    • ‘A mouthpiece is made for the instrument of gum or hardened wax.’
    • ‘But the best place to test for air is where the results would most closely reflect the air-void content in the hardened concrete.’
    • ‘Finally, almost absentmindedly, she picked it up and gingerly ran her finger under the hardened wax sealing on the back.’
    firm, solid, dense, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, unpliable, impenetrable, unyielding, solidified, compact, compacted, steely, tough, strong, stony, rock-like, flinty, close-packed, compressed, as hard as iron, as hard as stone
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    1. 1.1 Strengthened or made secure against attack, especially by nuclear weapons.
      ‘the silos are hardened against air attack’
      • ‘A third arm and fingers of hardened steel will help here, until the little tabs bed in a bit.’
      • ‘His fixed-blade knives are strong by design, using full tang construction and properly hardened steel.’
      • ‘Machining this tough hardened steel is more time-consuming and difficult, but it allows parts to be machined to very tight tolerances.’
      • ‘The crankshaft is forged steel and induction hardened.’
      • ‘Artillery barrels are made of extremely strong hardened steel so that they can withstand the repeated blasts of artillery shells when they are fired.’
      • ‘Safe-like vault doors pre-hung on hardened steel frames are readily available from the major safe manufacturers.’
      • ‘Some confusion arises as to the nomenclature of micro-constituents found in hardened and tempered steels.’
      • ‘In addition to the bollards, the exterior concrete wall has been hardened and the windows have been designed to resist blast loads.’
      • ‘In order to improve the ductility and toughness of hardened steel, it is reheated for a relatively short time at the moderate temperature.’
      • ‘The Delrin body is nicely knurled for a good grip, but both the punch and nut driver are hardened steel.’
      • ‘This 11 mm hardened steel, double-locking padlock has 100,000 key variations and a lifetime guarantee.’
      • ‘For firms specializing in hardened buildings, the peace dividend has been negative.’
      • ‘These are shaped to the desired contours and are usually made of hardened tool steel ground and lapped to a mirror finish.’
      • ‘Nozzles can be made from several materials, including brass, nylon, stainless steel, hardened stainless steel and ceramic.’
      • ‘Better ones have a hardened steel pin with the beveled latch.’
      • ‘No steel can be hardened without the refiner's fire.’
      • ‘The six-strong crew inside them is surrounded by timber and plywood and not the hardened steel cabs in modern fire engines.’
      • ‘It is made with A514 steel and hardened bushings and requires no additional hydraulics.’
      • ‘The trigger housing is machined from a block of aluminum, with the trigger and sear components made of hardened steel, hand fitted for proper operation.’
      • ‘It has a welded tubular steel frame; hardened steel gears and clutches for traction, and the wing and rear mowers.’
      • ‘The resistance to atmospheric corrosion is improved and copper steels can be temper hardened.’
      • ‘Watching these machines turn a block of hardened steel into a Dakota Arms rifle receiver is an incredible experience.’
      • ‘High-security hasps have anchored eyebolts, pinless hinges, hardened steel anchoring loops and hidden screws.’
      • ‘Installing thick, hardened glass in a steel frame can effectively disperse blast pressure from the glass to the frame to the walls.’
      • ‘This is true of highly hardened aluminum alloys as well as titanium alloys and hardened steels.’
      strengthened, fortified, reinforced, toughened, thickened
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  • 2attributive Very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects.

    ‘hardened police officers’
    in combination ‘a battle-hardened veteran’
    • ‘The hardened and experienced legionnaires were at the rear.’
    • ‘These individuals are getting hardened trained experience in a battle zone.’
    • ‘Experienced sportsmen become hardened and learn to deal with this sort of thing.’
    • ‘The hardened professionals were back in the region competing in a challenge match in Blackburn.’
    • ‘‘We might not have any superstars, but our current team has plenty of hardened experience’, explains secretary John Downie.’
    • ‘It is a battle hardened, experienced group that's going and they'll do a very good job, I'm sure.’
    • ‘Firstly, how can the Scots hope to compete with England's hardened professionals nine months hence if they can't even beat a bunch of amateurs from Blighty and Clogland?’
    • ‘He was a sensible boy - his childish demeanour had been hardened by cruel experience.’
    • ‘I had hoped that we would be spared what happened here tonight until you all had been hardened by more experience.’
    • ‘Alan Sheriff is an outsider: his poet's soul has been hardened by loss and experience, but his wry sense of the absurd saves him from insanity.’
    • ‘But I am a hardened, experienced and seasoned reporter and I have been around long enough not to be taken in by appearances.’
    • ‘With a World Cup and European Championship under the belt they have battle hardened experience but their key players aren't too old.’
    • ‘The experiences kind of hardened us against the club, and it is actually only in the last week, with what has happened to them, that our members have been discussing them.’
    • ‘A player with limited tournament experience will beat a hardened pro if he is dealt good cards and plays them competently.’
    • ‘They are seasoned, hardened competitors who usually leave rivals licking their wounds.’
    • ‘Experienced, hardened convicts would plan for this by taking newcomers with them.’
    • ‘Their leaders were hardened experts who knew how to accomplish any task - and would get it done no matter what.’
    • ‘Initially the most sensitive about the nature of the mission, Avner becomes hardened by the experience.’
    • ‘Some, like Baby Doc Campbell, have been hardened by their experience.’
    • ‘Building workers with no experience are taken on for low wages, while hardened professionals watch impotently.’
    inured, desensitized, deadened, accustomed, habituated, acclimatized, used
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    1. 2.1 Utterly fixed in a habit or way of life seen as bad.
      ‘hardened criminals’
      ‘a hardened liar’
      • ‘Whether the combination would work on hardened criminals is problematic, but much depends on how the two techniques are used.’
      • ‘Our overcrowded jails is another avenue through which petty crooks graduate to hardened criminals.’
      • ‘I am very concerned that our schools are already graduating hardened criminals.’
      • ‘Even a hardened criminal may repent if given a second chance.’
      • ‘I knew that if I went away, I would become a hardened criminal.’
      • ‘We did run into a few scary guys, but with the majority of them it was almost impossible to see them as hardened criminals.’
      • ‘The fact the boys at the centre of the brouhaha confessed is evidence, too, that they're not hardened criminals.’
      • ‘Well, I don't think that threatening to kill them and carrying out the deed is going to affect most hardened criminals much.’
      • ‘This nation, once proud to offer a safe haven, now routinely locks asylum seekers up alongside hardened criminals.’
      • ‘This would also allow the opportunity to save these young people from becoming hardened criminals, as is likely to be the case if they were placed among the general prison population.’
      • ‘This was especially so in a penal colony where many of the convicts were hardened criminals and many of the free settlers were themselves ex-convicts and impulsive men.’
      • ‘Judges are likely to give them lighter sentences, thinking them first- or second-time offenders instead of hardened criminals.’
      • ‘And we're dealing with a real hardened criminal that's violated, I believe, just about every international law.’
      • ‘If he was such a hardened criminal, why did he leave the only woman who could identify him as being in the country alive?’
      • ‘You were forced to come away from the drama and conclude that while detention works for some, it only makes others into hardened career criminals.’
      • ‘Wouldn't you rather have people like this coming out into society instead of hardened criminals?’
      • ‘The emotional life sentence now facing Cable is one that may convince other witnesses to be wary of taking on known, hardened criminals.’
      • ‘A firm nexus has been established between amoral politicians, ambitious bureaucrats, unscrupulous businessmen and hardened criminals.’
      • ‘Regis seemed to go out of his way to dispel rumors that all who live at Wilton's Yard are hardened criminals.’
      • ‘A fascinating study, carried out recently in America, looked at a group of men who seemed destined to become hardened criminals.’
      inveterate, seasoned, habitual, chronic, compulsive, confirmed, accustomed, dyed-in-the-wool
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