Definition of hard of hearing in English:

hard of hearing


  • Not able to hear well.

    • ‘He may be hard of hearing but his brain is as sharp as ever.’
    • ‘Not all people who are hard of hearing read lips or use sign language.’
    • ‘He is hard of hearing and needs someone to translate his speech.’
    • ‘Some of us are hard of hearing and could not hear the officer in the car going by.’
    • ‘Judges have ruled that he is hard of hearing rather than deaf, despite medical evidence proving he cannot hear anything.’
    • ‘Over half of people aged over 60 are hard of hearing or deaf.’
    • ‘I think my ears are clogged up with wax, as I have been a bit hard of hearing lately.’
    • ‘Helen has been a carer for her mum, who is hard of hearing and is severely disabled with arthritis, for the past 11 years.’
    • ‘One of the twins was hard of hearing and the other could hear quite well.’
    • ‘Although suffering from failing eyesight and being a touch hard of hearing, the great grandmother has retained an acute memory of her childhood days.’
    hard of hearing, hearing-impaired, with impaired hearing, unhearing, stone deaf, deafened, profoundly deaf
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hard of hearing

/ˌhɑːd əv ˈhɪərɪŋ/