Definition of hard nut in English:

hard nut


  • A tough, aggressive, or insensitive person.

    ‘a local hard nut awaiting trial for murder’
    • ‘There she spends her time being tormented by a pint-sized hard nut with a penchant for big dresses while also fending off advances from the class Lothario.’
    • ‘The second division is a really tricky proposition, and we'll have to play some sides who will be very hard nuts to crack.’
    • ‘The 13-times-capped former Leinster player, who joined Toulouse during the summer, is a genuine hard nut.’
    • ‘Birmingham hard nut Jimmy Vincent is waiting in the wings for the winner.’
    • ‘For us, speedway as practised in Wolverhampton et al may be the sport of hard nuts, but for the ice-racers of Sweden, Finland and Russia it is the sport of chickens.’
    • ‘Golf has feisty, strong characters who love being in the limelight, but not hard nuts.’
    • ‘The second quarter saw play become more scrappy as the rain set in, and the hard nuts on both sides came to the fore.’
    • ‘But these two men are real hard nuts in their own world, aren't they?’
    • ‘So did all the karate training turn her into a little hard nut at school?’
    • ‘But Balkan analyst Dana Armean, of the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit, said the energy sector for Bulgaria, and agriculture for Romania, remain hard nuts to crack this year in terms of negotiations.’
    • ‘The hard nuts of the acting world seem to have gone all arty on us.’
    • ‘The train-till-you-drop regime encourages cohesion amongst the hard nuts.’
    • ‘They have lost the suspended Jonathan Thomas from their back-row but they welcome back No 8 Ryan Jones, a proven hard nut, from injury.’
    • ‘However, the washing machine treatment is nothing compared to that meted out to the Nano by the hard nuts at Ars Technica, who threw it high into the air and drove over it.’
    • ‘New coach Graham Henry made it his No.1 priority when he replaced John Mitchell in December last year and set about picking a number of experienced hard nuts such as Keith Robinson, Carl Hayman and Jono Gibbes.’
    • ‘It's normally men and it makes me realise that most of these guys who are walking around trying to be hard nuts, have really got a soft side to them.’
    • ‘Military men were supposed to be hard nuts, but if he had wanted to get savaged he would have become a postman.’
    • ‘Plus I'm guessing it'll be populated by wannabe hard nuts.’
    • ‘Smith may line up with former Chelsea hard nut Dennis Wise, now at Millwall.’