Definition of hard feelings in English:

hard feelings


  • usually with negative Feelings of resentment.

    ‘there are no hard feelings and we wish him well’
    • ‘He managed a weak smile before saying to her, ‘So no hard feelings about Sunday?’’
    • ‘Then she winks to let me know there are no hard feelings.’
    • ‘Fortunately there are absolutely no hard feelings.’
    • ‘He left them as politely as possible, and with no hard feelings.’
    • ‘Sarah had firm ideas of what the garden should be like and challenged Matt over one or two of his ideas, forcing him to the return to the drawing board, but she insisted there were no hard feelings.’
    • ‘It was just a short letter telling me there were no hard feelings, that he had nothing against me off the field and that what happened on the field was one thing and what happened off it was another.’
    • ‘He had summoned my father to make peace, claiming through an intermediary that there were no hard feelings and that he didn't know what all the fuss was about.’
    • ‘He returns to face them this afternoon with no hard feelings.’
    • ‘We don't have any hard feelings for you or to anyone in the world, we just want to live in peace.’
    • ‘He admitted he was disappointed to lose his place but insisted he had no hard feelings.’
    resentment, animosity, ill feeling, ill feelings, ill will, bitterness, bad blood, resentfulness, rancour, malice, acrimony, antagonism, antipathy, animus, friction, anger, hostility, hate, hatred
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hard feelings

/ˌhɑːd ˈfiːlɪŋz/