Definition of hard-won in English:



  • Having taken a great deal of effort to win or acquire.

    ‘their hard-won freedom from slavery’
    • ‘He reasons that they would fare much better if they worked to maintain that hard-won loyalty.’
    • ‘Trade concessions were hard won.’
    • ‘I was too pleased with my own hard-won epiphany that the film's title is a palindrome to even notice that the credits had started rolling.’
    • ‘Their reconciliation is hard won.’
    • ‘Activists view the department's changes as a serious threat to hard-won standards for organic products.’
    • ‘I'm surprised that they are jeopardizing their hard-won reputation for quality DVD releases with this latest effort.’
    • ‘Three trailers are the only DVD extras to compensate for your hard-won dollars.’
    • ‘The pacing sacrifices those hard-won moments.’
    • ‘We're reminded that the confidence she exuded at the end was hard-won.’
    • ‘The film is divided by its opening credits sequence, which breaks the film's hard-won mood with a brash pop-song.’