Definition of hard-wearing in English:



  • Able to stand much wear.

    ‘a hard-wearing fabric’
    • ‘But sleepy-heads hoping to grab a quick nap will be disappointed as there are no duvets on these beds which are instead covered with a hard-wearing plastic fabric.’
    • ‘They are inexpensive to make but ‘very hard-wearing.’’
    • ‘They were right at the cutting edge of the industry, creating the finest ships around; fast, but hard-wearing.’
    • ‘Polished plaster is hard-wearing and durable, needing only occasional dusting and an annual re-wax.’
    • ‘Drab, dark-coloured fabrics, favoured by many makers to give their cars a businesslike look and dirt-resistant functionality, are hard-wearing but dreary.’
    • ‘The boys, all aged 12, set the scene using the county town's Admirals Park, and were on a mission to test four different pairs of football boots with the aim of finding the most hard-wearing.’
    • ‘Competitive prices, hard-wearing soles and quality leather are the key qualities of the brand, says John.’
    • ‘Perlata is designed for use in large-scale commercial applications, providing a seamless, hard-wearing and durable interior finish.’
    • ‘Products in the old stores are old-fashioned although they are hard-wearing.’
    • ‘If it is L-shaped and modular it is likely to be a contemporary design, which suits neutral, hard-wearing fabrics and looks fabulous in leather - any colour except black - or even a decadent acid velvet.’
    • ‘The fascia fabric is quite stylish and looks hard-wearing, but a real let-down is the panel of rather old-fashioned heater controls and fairly boring driver's information dials.’
    • ‘They were hard-wearing, waterproof, and were both cool to wear in summer, and warm in winter.’
    • ‘If we're recovering furniture, go for a sensible (no, it's not a dirty word) hard-wearing fabric and titivate the look with cushions.’
    • ‘Bestsellers all feature ‘active air’ high-tech soles made of hard-wearing compounds honeycombed variously with tubes, channels and air sacs to cushion the wearer's feet.’
    • ‘They are a great place for blokes to ride on when on the lookout for a missing wife - and on the mezzanine floor at the top, entirely occupied by George at Asda, there is an extensive range of stylish, hard-wearing and inexpensive clothing.’
    • ‘Tweed also reeks of quality, and it's a hard-wearing, versatile fabric that just gets better with age.’
    • ‘The choice of hard-wearing, if dowdy, plastics and fabrics inside means that intergalactic mileages can be covered with little sign of wear.’
    • ‘You can pay up to £70 for just one non-stick frying pan, but you don't have to spend a fortune for hard-wearing cookware, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute's testing experts.’
    • ‘Most artists' canvases are linen (made from flax, Linum usitatissimum), a greyish brown cloth which is strong and hard-wearing.’
    • ‘The hard-wearing look continued with heavy brown moon boots worn under skin-tight trousers cut to the ankle or knee and asymmetrical jackets drawn tight across the shoulders.’
    durable, strong, tough, resilient, lasting, solid, stout, rugged, long-lasting, made to last, well made, wear-resistant, heavy-duty, strongly made
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