Definition of hard-heartedly in English:



  • See hard-hearted

    • ‘The latter are obviously on the fringes of the law, but it is very difficult to turn them away hard-heartedly when they land up at your doorstep with a cheerful namaste.’
    • ‘We speak of inhuman cruelty when atrocities are so hard-heartedly cruel that we cannot conceive of ourselves as inflicting them.’
    • ‘Are we hard-heartedly holding onto ourselves by demeaning or ignoring what others are thinking or feeling or trying to do?’
    • ‘He reacts decisively and, at times, hard-heartedly to the necessities of the setting and the situation.’
    • ‘Regrettably, all it takes to be treated so hard-heartedly is something as ordinary as being self-employed, or just not being able to prove your total earnings.’