Definition of hard-headedness in English:



  • See hard-headed

    • ‘American hard-headedness could be the antidote.’
    • ‘His hard-headedness was also in evidence when the Tour's television contract was awarded to Sky, much to the chagrin of the terrestrial traditionalists.’
    • ‘He lacked the essential hard-headedness required of his post; substituting it for the ‘nice guy’ approach.’
    • ‘Combining dourness and humour, sentimentality and hard-headedness, arrogance and tolerance, every situation is redeemed by laughter.’
    • ‘Here Giroux's hard-headedness works to another effect.’
    • ‘In his philanthropy, however, Soros epitomizes the rare combination of generosity and hard-headedness that is needed to build civil societies from the ground up.’