Definition of hard-faced in English:



  • Having a face that shows no sympathy or affection.

    ‘she was a pale, hard-faced girl’
    • ‘They are known as the fairer sex, but women seem to be pretty hard-faced when it comes to the nitty-gritty of divorce.’
    • ‘She was interrupted by the dignified, hard-faced old woman seated across from her.’
    • ‘She plays a hard-faced hooker who becomes a serial killer.’
    • ‘The judge accepted it was a moment of madness and branded her a "hard-faced, calculated liar".’
    • ‘When he donned his stiff fatigues, his lopsided gait and smiling eyes stood out among his hard-faced brethren.’
    • ‘He rallied an amazingly varied collection of personalities to his cause in the last month, ranging from hard-faced businessmen to radical artists and intellectuals.’
    • ‘It's enough to make the most hard-faced asset-stripper chortle.’
    • ‘As we tried to make ourselves comfortable on the uneven rock floor, a hard-faced young man in his early twenties wandered over.’
    • ‘The actor has a funny cameo as a hard-faced promoter.’
    • ‘The police district boss appeared during a difficult week as the hard-faced cop, heading first a rescue, then a recovery operation.’