Definition of hard-backed in English:



  • 1(of an object) having a firm, rigid back.

    ‘rows of hard-backed chairs’
    • ‘When he arrived in the country, he had been carrying a hard-backed plastic suitcase, which has never been traced.’
    • ‘All the fighters have to wear hard-backed leather gloves to protect their hands.’
    • ‘Rescuers lifted several injured passengers out of the train on hard-backed stretchers and loaded them onto ambulances.’
    • ‘The phone was always kept in a hard-backed protective case in a bag.’
    • ‘It was not the hard-backed classic navy suitcase, but a less well-known design.’
    • ‘This was a hard-backed case with soft rubber-like sides.’
    • ‘He sat straight up against the hard-backed seat on the train, as if in church.’
    • ‘The old brick community center, still outfitted with hard-backed restaurant booths, is now headquarters to a homegrown revolution, fighting to loosen the grip of coal.’
    • ‘Sometimes they resort to using hard-backed dining chairs, which is not comfortable.’
    • ‘The set contains a collapsible hard-backed game board, three promotional cards, and six tokens.’
    1. 1.1 (of a book) bound in stiff covers.
      ‘a heavy, hard-backed volume’
      • ‘I use a hard-backed, pocket-sized notebook for observations and diagrams.’
      • ‘I have listed those projects in a separate hard-backed journal because I feel I have more control of them when I can see them outlined on paper.’
      • ‘On the mantelpiece is a small hard-backed book full of poems about motherly love, illustrated with florid pictures of angelic families.’
      • ‘Apparently an attempt at serious literature, it takes the form of a sombre, hard-backed, slim volume, unillustrated and typographically conventional.’
      • ‘I got a hard-backed notebook, and in that I jotted down every single penny that went in and went out.’
      • ‘I found myself unaccountably giddy at the bonus features of the hard-backed notepads they offered.’
      • ‘A hard-backed edition would be an asset.’
      • ‘It was hard-backed and filled with glossy pictures and shiny, high-quality paper—her grandmother would have called it a coffee-table book.’
      • ‘I picked up from the sofa a worn, hard-backed exercise book, a faded red, the spine split.’
      • ‘We suggest that you invest in a hard-backed diary with one or two days to a page.’