Definition of harbourage in English:


(US harborage)


  • A harbour or other place of shelter.

    • ‘What they have a taste for is a blood meal and harborage in dark cracks and crevices close to where humans rest and sleep.’
    • ‘The objective is to remove old grain and residue that could provide a harborage for these fungi.’
    • ‘Went in search of harbourage and found some people I knew.’
    • ‘When at his urgence we do let him go ashore, we may give him whatever harborage we choose, until he finds shelter elsewhere if he can.’
    • ‘To achieve control, all their harbourages must be found and treated with residual insecticide. Look for small, dark faecal spots or white dots - bedbug eggs - close to hiding places.’
    • ‘The excrement of a bedbug gives a characteristic speckled appearance to their harbourages.’
    • ‘They may serve as reservoirs of the bacterium and a harborage for its vector, the flea beetle.’
    • ‘Cockroaches were released with a male to female ratio of 1: 1 and allowed to acclimatize for 2 to 2.5 h i.e., until all of them aggregate within the harborages, which were kept in the cage for sheltering.’
    • ‘Bedbug eggs are cemented to the surface of the harbourage.’
    • ‘Although they are more abundant in the summer months, indoor insects no longer have a true season, since they find they get enough heat, fluid and harborage in centrally heated modern houses.’
    port, dock, haven, marina, dockyard, boatyard, mooring, anchorage, roads, waterfront
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