Definition of harbour seal in English:

harbour seal


North American
  • A seal with a mottled grey-brown coat and a concave profile, found along North Atlantic and North Pacific coasts; a common seal.

    • ‘These taxa were phylogenetically related to the mouse, the rat, the rabbit, the guinea pig, the armadillo, the horse, the cow, the pig, the fin whale, the gray seal, the harbor seal, the dog, the cat, and the hedgehog.’
    • ‘I always order lobster and I eat shrimp faster than a harbor seal.’
    • ‘Fears have been expressed that the harbour seal here could face extinction.’
    • ‘These results are in agreement with a report from the Oregon coast of a location that is also a harbor seal molting but not pupping area.’
    • ‘Thirteen years after the spill, many species - including the common loon, several species of cormorant and the harbour seal - show little or no signs of recovery.’