Definition of harbour master in English:

harbour master

(US harbormaster)


  • An official in charge of a harbour.

    • ‘In San Francisco, Brad Gross says that harbormasters are, ‘the recognized authority and have limited citation abilities.’’
    • ‘The harbour master proposed introducing the €20 per week charge backdated to when fishing gear first began to be stored in the bays.’
    • ‘A large contingent of harbormasters also are big fans of the show, says Gainor.’
    • ‘The three Kendall children continued to stare at him, so he decided that he would take his wounded pride over to the harbormaster's office, and inquire as to the whereabouts of their father.’
    • ‘The harbormaster on the berth started moving the gantry into position.’
    • ‘Then, accompanied by two or three fishermen's families, he blessed the boats in the East Basin before retiring to the harbour master's office.’
    • ‘Turwiel is a member of the Harbors Association of British Columbia, a group of harbormasters that share news, knowledge and information.’
    • ‘Dude, call the harbormaster, your ship's come in.’
    • ‘In response to a question from Séamus Cosaí Fitzgerald the harbour master, Brian Farrell, said that the proposed charges were in line with current fees in other ports.’
    • ‘The smaller one, at Manele Bay, is protected by a breakwater and its harbormaster will make a real effort to accommodate visiting craft.’
    • ‘Another place harbormasters turn for schooling is the International Marina Institute which offers a ‘Certified Marina Manager’ training.’
    • ‘Stuart Mcintosh, the harbour master for Cowes Harbour Commission, started preparing for the event from the minute last year's finished.’
    • ‘Another English Calling ships are those which have been boarded by the harbour master and given pratique.’
    • ‘Two centuries later, Section 23 of Massachusetts's code on Harbors and Harbormasters still contains the wording that permits harbormasters to direct vessels to ‘cockbill the lower yards… and rig in the jib boom.’’
    • ‘Visitor's slips are in Basin H, the first on your starboard beyond the harbormaster's office.’
    • ‘He regained consciousness and staggered to the harbour master's office in Les Sables d' Olonnes near La Rochelle - ten hours after the accident which happened late on Saturday night.’
    • ‘Longshoremen began the job of tying up the ship and once the harbormaster had finished with the various paperwork, the long, tedious job of off-loading the cargo began.’
    • ‘The harbormaster referred all questions to Coast Guard CMDR Tina Burke, Chief of Port Operations.’
    • ‘Blair rolled his eyes and followed Jim to the harbormaster's office but decided not to reply to that one.’
    • ‘Signaling with one long shrill of his whistle followed by one short blast, he waits for an echo from the harbormaster, then comes about and eases his boat against the wharf of a two-story shed.’


harbour master