Definition of harbour fees in English:

harbour fees

(US harbor fees)

plural noun

  • Fees payable in return for permission to moor a boat at a particular harbour.

    ‘the boat's owners abandoned it in Canada over unpaid harbour fees’
    • ‘Harbour fees are payable at all of these slips.’
    • ‘I must bid farewell to Theo for he must return immediately, as he cannot afford the harbour fees, and his boat is loaded.’
    • ‘Fishing vessels are waiting outside the harbour for the dispute to be resolved, resulting in substantial losses in harbour fees.’
    • ‘We are an international company, we produce in several countries to export massive amounts, and we are not being charged harbour fees.’
    • ‘He said the new harbour fees would provoke great debate.’
    • ‘One of the questions was a matter of something called harbour fees, which you pay every time you use a harbour.’
    • ‘Failure to ensure harbour fees are collected has resulted in a shortfall to the exchequer.’
    • ‘The president decided to waive the harbour fees.’
    • ‘The recent ministerial order on increased harbour fees does not apply to this port.’
    • ‘The future of the project seemed to be dependent on overdue harbour fees being paid to the board by two local fishermen.’