Definition of harassed in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈharəst//həˈrast/


  • Feeling or looking strained as a result of having too many demands made on one.

    ‘it is a godsend for harassed parents’
    • ‘Try telling that to a million harassed parents when Mattel's Harry Potter merchandise doesn't hit the shops.’
    • ‘All set a perfect mood for relaxing the strained sinews and harassed souls.’
    • ‘‘Very often,’ said a harassed loon at the former, ‘we don't know until the day they arrive.’’
    • ‘And, even when it is diagnosed, harassed health professionals are often too busy to explain to patients how important it is to manage their condition properly, the charity says.’
    • ‘How fortunate that the escapes always seem to happen at a time when harassed parents, wondering how to entertain their school free kids, will have time to organise trips to help the search.’
    • ‘It's the constancy of calls, the harassed and troubled nature of people on the phone, people are very impatient, they are very abusive of operators.’
    • ‘Among the harassed electricity company executives who stammered in front of television cameras on the night of the power cuts was Bill Edwards, president of Niagara Mohawk.’
    • ‘One of the advertisements highlights the pressure that non-stop demands put on harassed parents.’
    • ‘If your idea of an insurance agent is a badly-dressed, harassed looking, middle-aged man pleading with you for a policy, you are way out of touch with reality.’
    • ‘Deprived of a nation of their own, they have lived for centuries as a harassed minority, trapped in the border regions of hostile countries that frequently become war zones.’
    • ‘His various titles include chief designer, company director, marketing manager, and harassed househusband when his stylist wife is working abroad on location.’
    • ‘When someone expresses surprise that you have children, should you be flattered that you don't fit their vision of a lumpy, harassed nobody in a sick - spattered shell suit?’
    • ‘When you hear of her situation you think immediately of words like harassed and careworn but Jacqui confounds every expectation.’
    • ‘Ray Collins as Roscoe Denten, the harassed film director, and Michael O'Brien, as Rod, also contributed to the success of the show.’
    • ‘Sometimes just sitting in the company of books, breathing in their slight mustiness, and listening to their quiet voices can renew a harassed soul.’
    • ‘I live in a society in which crowded schedules and harassed conditions are evidence of importance, so I develop a crowded schedule and harassed conditions.’
    • ‘There are also the typical DD telefilms featuring drunken husbands and harassed wives, or women collectors in district bungalows being leered at by local goons.’
    • ‘So now our poor harassed actor had to deliver the cards, speak French, be aware of his eyeball, which twitched in compensation for the amount of concentration he was giving out, and look at me.’
    • ‘Even the most harassed of producers would make the time to walk at least three times as far to Villandry along Marylebone High Street for its real bread or freshly made and interesting salads.’
    • ‘The big company, or harassed author, delivers the hard drive from their unhappy computer to his repair centre in the Eurolink Business Centre, Brixton, and he will work on it until all is restored.’
    stressed, strained, frayed, harried, stressed out, worn out, hard-pressed, careworn, worried, troubled, vexed, beleaguered, agitated, fretting, distraught
    under stress, under pressure, at the end of one's tether, with one's back to the wall, with one's back up against the wall
    at the end of one's rope
    under the cosh, stressy
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