Definition of happy slapping in English:

happy slapping


mass nounBritish
  • The practice whereby a group of people assault a stranger at random while filming the incident on a mobile device, so as to circulate the images or post them online.

    ‘a media lecturer has blamed shows such as 'Jackass' for the rise of happy slapping’
    • ‘A terrifying youth craze known as "happy slapping" has reared its ugly head in Colchester.’
    • ‘Two girls have been brutally attacked in the first happy slapping incident to hit the area.’
    • ‘In the mildest forms of the happy slapping craze, commuters have been targeted by yobs who slap unsuspecting travellers on the back of the head while filming with a phone.’
    • ‘The mother of a teenage happy slapping victim today called for the sale of camera-phones to juveniles to be restricted in a bid to curb the bizarre craze.’
    • ‘A 13-year-old girl has been left too scared to go out at night after being hospitalised following a happy slapping beating.’
    • ‘The 48-year-old was also robbed in the latest attack known as happy slapping, where victims are assaulted to amuse thugs who film it on mobiles.’
    • ‘The attack is a sinister twist to the recent happy slapping phenomenon, where thugs record assaults on their victims.’
    • ‘While some people refer to this type of incident as happy slapping, the police treat all such matters as assault and will not hesitate to arrest and prosecute those responsible.’
    • ‘It is the second serious happy slapping attack reported by the newspaper this year.’
    • ‘Spain has recently seen the arrival of happy slapping and other versions of crimes in which the perpetrators record what they are doing.’
    • ‘The sicko happy slapping trend is apparently sweeping the nation and has got anti-bullying organisations and the police in a massive stir.’