Definition of happy camper in English:

happy camper


  • A comfortable, contented person.

    ‘I understand that this is necessary, but I am not a happy camper’
    • ‘I was not a happy camper after losing that particular round; however, I accept that I screwed up.’
    • ‘Well, Michael is a lawyer, he's read the text, and he's not a happy camper.’
    • ‘There weren't too many happy campers at Cork University Hospital's crowded A & E department yesterday.’
    • ‘If every film that is almost 70 years old looked this good, I'd be a happy camper.’
    • ‘Hell, if I could get ALL my bills sent to my email, I'd be a happy camper.’
    • ‘I think it's the crowds and the noise, but he really isn't a happy camper when we go shopping.’
    • ‘Having achieved more than enough points to qualify for her preferred college choice, she was certainly one happy camper.’
    • ‘A Google search convinced me that their customers were all happy campers.’
    • ‘Kaylie knew that the minute I walked in that I was not a happy camper.’
    • ‘Ten bucks for two cups of beer does not make Herambone a happy camper.’
    • ‘I can buy a student bus pass for $50, am eligible for oodles of student discounts all over the city, and am, in general, a happy camper.’
    • ‘But once he develops a trusting relationship with someone who will pay attention to what he wants, said Rosen, he's a happy camper.’
    • ‘Personally I couldn't care how many Xbox consoles have been sold, as long as people keep developing games for it I'm a happy camper.’
    • ‘And I'm painting the landscape which I adore, so I'm a pretty happy camper.’
    • ‘Obviously, these people can never be happy campers with that kind of mindset.’
    • ‘Give me a good book, a Caribbean beach, and I'm a happy camper.’
    • ‘The party continued on into the wee hours, changing venue a few times, and I arrived home a very happy camper.’
    • ‘I've not been a very happy camper for the last couple of days.’
    • ‘"I was not a happy camper in the suburbs," confides Walton.’
    • ‘He was not a happy camper around 4pm Saturday.’