Definition of haply in English:



literary, archaic
  • By any chance; perhaps.

    ‘great fear and passion shook my heart lest haply thou wert dead’
    • ‘He would dig a pit with Little John and Much, and hide it up with branches and earth, so that Master Carfax might stray into it and haply break his neck.’
    • ‘We have indeed made clear for you the signs, that haply you will understand.’
    • ‘Search every cave with utmost care If haply Rama's queen be there.’
    • ‘He explained, in all good humour, that he refrained from taking the title assumed by his father lest haply he should besmirch it.’
    • ‘He must cease to seek occasions of quarrelling, lest, haply, the common enemy should come suddenly and finding him fighting with his neighbour, should have an easy victory over both.’
    maybe, for all i know, for all you know, it could be, it could be that, it may be, it may be that, it is possible, it is possible that, possibly, conceivably, feasibly
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