Definition of haplology in English:



  • The omission of one occurrence of a sound or syllable which is repeated within a word (e.g. in February pronounced as /ˈfɛbri)/.

    • ‘It all depends which side of the pond one happens to be on: Britons accuse Americans of haplology while the latter believe it is the former who are committing epenthesis.’
    • ‘A nice irony is that haplology is just the sort of word to which haplology happens…’
    • ‘After all, it's hard to see how un - could be plausibly reanalyzed as a mere intensifier; more likely this is an idiosyncratic sort of haplology, where the form unpacked stands in for ununpacked.’
    • ‘I am currently investigating further evidence which supports this analysis in terms of haplology.’
    • ‘He's saying that gingerly is, basically and traditionally, an adjective, and the adverbial use results as a haplology of the derived form gingerlyly.’
    leaving out, exclusion, exception, non-inclusion, deletion, erasure, cut, excision, elimination, absence
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Late 19th century: from Greek haploos ‘single’ + -logy.