Definition of haplodiploid in English:



  • Denoting or possessing a genetic system in which females develop from fertilized (diploid) eggs and males from unfertilized (haploid) ones.

    • ‘Easypop can simulate haploid, diploid, or haplodiploid organisms.’
    • ‘Haploid development results in production of male progeny in the haplodiploid Nasonia but is lethal in mosquitoes and Drosophila.’
    • ‘The most common mode of haplodiploid reproduction is arrhenotoky where males develop from unfertilized haploid eggs and females from fertilized diploid eggs.’
    • ‘The honeybee, like other hymenopteran species, is characterized by a haplodiploid system of reproduction.’
    • ‘However, results for X-linked loci are also generally applicable to any haplodiploid genetic system.’