Definition of haplessly in English:



  • See hapless

    • ‘The player then haplessly wanders the mazelike hallways, which are populated with perky yet zombielike interns who are all utterly incapable of telling him or her where an exit is located.’
    • ‘AMONG SERIOUS kayakers, the very words ‘sit-on-top kayak’ elicit visions of tourists haplessly paddling rental boats in dismal circles on man-made lakes.’
    • ‘However, there is also at least an equal number, certainly among Tory councillors, who believe his sell-by date was passed long ago and that he should be removed from the selection shelf, something he haplessly confirms himself.’
    • ‘Dealing with conflicting interests makes it into a mass of nervous ticks, quirks and foibles, lurching haplessly hither and yon in an anxious sweat, shouting ‘Like me!’’
    • ‘From the costumes of the patrons and the protestors to the ersatz Mariachi band (presumably a tip of the hat to Kahlo) strumming haplessly to patrons within the fenced in compound, costumes were the flavour of the night.’