Definition of haphazardly in English:



  • In a manner lacking any obvious principle of organization.

    ‘a hodgepodge of family photos haphazardly arranged on a table’
    ‘the film feels haphazardly thrown together’
    • ‘A red convertible skidded around the winding curvy road with cars parked haphazardly on both sides.’
    • ‘She could just make out large shapes scattered haphazardly within the vault.’
    • ‘Imagine losing all of your worldly possessions except for whatever you may have haphazardly thrown in a suitcase two weeks ago.’
    • ‘His attire will be haphazardly thrown together, but he'll still look good.’
    • ‘Its hotels, houses, and shops are haphazardly strung out along the coastal strip.’
    • ‘They were still engrossed in their game, cards scattered haphazardly across their table.’
    • ‘The soundtrack is far too dominant and haphazardly assembled for a movie that is attempting to convey the mood of the characters specifically.’
    • ‘The ingredients aren't haphazardly thrown in.’
    • ‘Some vineyards were not even planted in rows, but were haphazardly arranged, like a field of wheat.’
    • ‘Whenever anyone investigates, they find tools and engine parts strewn haphazardly everywhere and not a soul in sight.’