Definition of hanuman in English:



  • 1Hinduism
    A semi-divine being of monkey-like form, the faithful follower of Rama, whose exploits are described in the Ramayana.

  • 2A pale-coloured langur monkey of southern Asia, venerated by Hindus.

    Presbytis entellus, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘The London zoo has/had hanuman langurs, living in an outdoor exhibit with the sloth bears, and previously muntjac and gibbons too.’
    • ‘The social system of the hanuman langur varies upon location and can be either unimale or multimale-multifemale.’
    • ‘Here we collected fecal samples from troops of toque macaque and hanuman langur when encountered.’
    • ‘In fact, standing on the top of Jodhpur's Meherangarh Fort watching hanuman langurs playing over the battlements and vultures spiralling on thermals above the blue-washed houses below pretty well sums up the charms of Rajasthan.’
    • ‘This species is also sympatric with hanuman langurs in Bhutan, where the hanuman langurs, Semnopithecus entellus, were able to cross the Sankosh river because of the construction of a bridge.’


From Sanskrit hanumant ‘large-jawed’.