Definition of hang something out in English:

hang something out

phrasal verb

  • Hang something on a line or pole or from a window.

    ‘the embassies hung out their flags’
    • ‘Another speaker called for people to hang white flags out of their windows as a symbol of opposition to war.’
    • ‘He built a stepping stone path across a stream to a big rock where he could hang his clothes out to dry.’
    • ‘When the practice session for the day was over, I would take all four sets, heavy with sweat, to a nearby well, wash them, and hang them out on a bamboo pole.’
    • ‘Children play football on the streets, and people hang their laundry out of the windows to drip on passers-by.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire Council may tell residents they are only allowed to hang their washing out to dry for eight hours a week.’
    • ‘There was little resistance and after two guards had been killed and a few people wounded, the palace hung white sheets out of the windows as a surrender signal.’
    • ‘There were several other young mums around, and we chatted over the fences as we hung the nappies out.’
    • ‘When I got back and hung my swimming costume out to dry I discovered that it's a bit worse for wear!’
    • ‘There exists in my family, residing with my mum's sister as it happens, an old 35 mm film of my father in the garden of our old house hanging nappies out to dry on a clothes line in our garden.’
    • ‘If the old lady wanted anything fetching up, she would hang a yellow duster out in her garden, and one of the girls would have to go running up the hill to see what was needed.’
    peg out, peg up, stick up, pin up, drape, fix, fasten
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