Definition of hang one's head (in shame) in English:

hang one's head (in shame)


  • Be deeply ashamed.

    ‘a record that should make them hang their heads in shame’
    • ‘Instead, I placed my elbows on the counter and hung my head, sighing deeply.’
    • ‘He hung his head and refused to appear after the match to discuss his profligacy.’
    • ‘Instead of hanging his head in shame, he has taken each and every opportunity our lenient justice system has given him to try and get himself off the hook.’
    • ‘I hope the person who spoke to her in such an inhumane way reads this and hangs their head in shame.’
    • ‘A drink-driver who killed his friend in a car crash hung his head as he was jailed for five years on Friday.’
    • ‘Even the defender hung his head, knowing the fault was his.’
    • ‘This is something to weep over, and a reason for everyone who's got anything to do with our local authority to hang their head in shame.’
    • ‘Jonathon nodded, hanging his head like an ashamed child.’
    • ‘I should have hung my head and scuttled along to the hideously entitled ‘family carriage’ where anyone in a nappy is conventionally banished.’
    • ‘I hung my head in shame and bought three extra sessions with the personal trainer immediately.’