Definition of hang (or stay) loose in English:

hang (or stay) loose


North American
  • often as imperative Be relaxed; refrain from taking anything too seriously.

    ‘hang loose, baby!’
    • ‘Hopefully this will restore my good humour: I need to hang loose and laugh for an hour or so.’
    • ‘I like to stay loose, and I don't want my concentration to peak too early.’
    • ‘I hate to give him credit for anything, but guys like him and Jason have helped this team stay loose and get through some horrible things.’
    • ‘‘Just chill out and hang loose,’ she said knowingly.’
    • ‘Besides, I figured I could do more good if I stayed loose.’
    • ‘Some enjoy jabbering to everyone in sight, listening to music, and staying loose.’
    • ‘Still, if you go in not expecting very much, and relax and just hang loose, you will find a lot to smile about.’
    • ‘So stay loose, study hard, continue to hone your skills, play level headed, and above all, play to win!’
    • ‘The key I believe is to stay loose and just write whatever pops into your head.’
    • ‘He likes to joke around and is tremendous about creating a positive atmosphere so the guys can stay loose.’
    relax, become relaxed, unwind, ease off, ease up, become less rigid
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