Definition of handsaw in English:



  • A wood saw worked by one hand.

    • ‘Using a handsaw or circular saw, carefully cut out the stringer along your layout lines.’
    • ‘American handsaws cut on the push; Japanese handsaws cut on the pull.’
    • ‘Lauan plywood is inexpensive and can be cut with a handsaw, any power saw, or even a utility knife guided by a metal straightedge.’
    • ‘A reciprocating saw, as the name implies, utilizes interchangeable blades that move out and back in a reciprocating motion, in much the same action as using a handsaw.’
    • ‘Remember those little slotted plastic boxes you could use to guide your handsaw when cutting miters?’
    • ‘Using a fine-tooth handsaw or circular saw, rip the final row to fit into place, again leaving a 1/4 ‘gap against the wall.’
    • ‘Most cuts can be made with a circular saw, handsaw, or saber saw, but the angled back support would be more easily cut with a table saw.’
    • ‘If the four cuts were not enough to cut all the way through the board, finish it off with a sharp handsaw.’
    • ‘According to the Killarney councillor, a practice has emerged in recent years of using handsaws axes and even chainsaws to cut holly branches.’
    • ‘Complete the form building by slicing off the ground stakes flush with the top edge of the 2x6 form boards using a handsaw.’
    • ‘For straight cuts use a circular saw or a handsaw; for curves use a portable jigsaw.’
    • ‘This is best done with a fine-toothed handsaw, though a power jig saw can also be used.’
    • ‘Finish the cutout with a sharp handsaw, jigsaw or reciprocating saw.’
    • ‘Clamp the stringer to sawhorses and use a circular saw to make the most of each cut, finishing with a handsaw.’
    • ‘Cut the excess off with a handsaw; but first, mark the cut line with some masking tape to protect against chipping.’
    • ‘Use a handsaw and miter box to cut four pieces of L-shaped edge molding to fit around the canvas.’
    • ‘A scrap of cardboard will support your handsaw so you can undercut the bottoms of the doorway moldings to allow for the flooring to slip underneath.’
    • ‘In my garage, we inserted large peg hooks to go into the wall and hung up long extension cords, a hose, a ladder, a bike, a lawn edger/trimmer, a rake, a shovel and a handsaw.’
    • ‘A few hours after a tree is cut, the trunk seals itself off and water can't pass through, so before you bring your tree inside, use a small handsaw to take an additional 2 inches off the base.’
    • ‘Mark all cut lines with a pencil; trim panels to size using a block plane for the sides and a handsaw for the ends.’