Definition of hands off in English:

hands off


  • 1Used as a warning not to touch or interfere with something.

    ‘hands off that cake tin!’
    • ‘We feel that Yorkshire doesn't really deserve it, so hands off, it's ours.’
    • ‘Now that development threatens the playground of the elite they cry hands off.’
    1. 1.1as adjective hands-off Not involving or requiring direct control or intervention.
      ‘a hands-off management style’
      • ‘Usual physiotherapy produced marginally better treatment outcomes at 12 months than the shorter, hands-off intervention.’
      • ‘So this is why I'm concerned with creating the right culture of hands-off management at PaxDigita.’
      • ‘All that is required is the adoption of a hands-off attitude, allowing the market to develop by itself.’
      • ‘The Gods may be more or less hands off, but They have the power to take the reins, if things go very badly.’
      • ‘Such loyalty and his hands-off management style might have worked in a privately owned business.’
      • ‘It was about the team and the added value, as well as getting the balance between totally hands on and totally hands off.’
      • ‘Seeing people get shot here is usually a surprisingly bloodless and hands off affair.’
      • ‘I have a very hands-off approach to project management, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I find that it works well.’
      • ‘It's that his preparation style is hands-off, to say the least.’
      • ‘Dyke's hands off, relaxed approach, is in stark contrast to the style of his predecessor, John Birt.’
      non-interventionist, non-interventional, non-interfering, non-restrictive, liberal, libertarian, uninvolved, indifferent, lax, loose, permissive, live-and-let-live
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