Definition of hands-free kit in English:

hands-free kit


  • A set of equipment designed to enable the use of a mobile phone without the hands.

    ‘they had to answer a call using a hands-free kit’
    • ‘Using a handsfree kit in your car is no safer than not using a handsfree kit, according to data collected from crashes in Australia.’
    • ‘Simply pop your tunes on to a flash memory card, plug it in and you're off, with the earpiece serving as a hands-free kit should you receive a call whilst in the groove.’
    • ‘He said: "My hands-free kit cost me a few pounds and is very, very effective."’
    • ‘A survey found drivers using hands-free kits made six times as many mistakes as those not using a phone.’
    • ‘He connects his handsfree kit and dials his phone as he sets off on the road.’
    • ‘I have a hands-free kit installed in my car and still find it difficult to concentrate at times.’
    • ‘Drivers can pick up a hands-free kit quite cheaply.’
    • ‘Several petrol stations in the area have been offering simple hands-free kits for under a fiver, when you buy petrol.’
    • ‘It recommend that users of hands-free kits should let the ear piece cable hang down naturally from the ear, keep the cable away from the phone's antennae, and not place the phone directly against the body.’
    • ‘Only one driver could be seen using a hands-free kit while navigating the busy junction.’