Definition of handpump in English:



  • A pump operated by hand, especially for drawing well water or draught beer.

    • ‘Nine handpumps will dispense a wide range of York-produced beers, as well as guest ales and a rotating choice of quality German and Belgian brews.’
    • ‘And before you start wondering whether you heard wrong, she'll tell you that she also installs and maintains handpumps, water tanks and pipelines.’
    • ‘This would leave the historic brewery producing only cask ale Boddies, served through traditional handpumps.’
    • ‘The fine marble bar with its row of black handpumps is soon to be turned through an angle of 90 degrees to accommodate more customers.’
    • ‘You never pass a handpump that is deserted; a tap that is not filling buckets; a canal that doesn't have people washing clothes and themselves.’
    • ‘Since the purified surface water originating from the river Ganges which is supplied by the Calcutta Municipal Corporation is insufficient for the population, groundwater is being tapped by handpumps and heavy-duty tubewells.’
    • ‘Add to that lots of great beers on the nine handpumps, and there is every reason to see your way to Blind Jack's.’
    • ‘Reflecting these trends, the Beer Shop now has only two handpumps, and its unmatched range of bottled beers accounts for much more of its income.’
    • ‘The Ginger Man is known for its beer selection, and rightly so: they sport 66 drafts, two cask ales on handpumps, and around 100 specialty bottled beers.’
    • ‘Twenty new guest ales will be connected to the five spare handpumps in that time.’
    • ‘In Virpal about an hour's drive from Amritsar, a widow draws water from a handpump.’
    • ‘With no fewer than 12 handpumps, more than any other York pub, they have to keep on their toes to manage the cellar.’
    • ‘Women here have rebuilt 700 quake-damaged homes, and are trained in disaster-proof construction, repair of handpumps and the digging of wells.’
    • ‘The advantage of handpumps is that they can be serviced and repaired by village inhabitants themselves.’
    • ‘The presence of toilets next to these handpumps sans a proper disposal system has raised the chances of water contamination.’
    • ‘Organisers decided this year to increase the amount of beer to be sold on handpumps from 20 per cent to 40 per cent - nearly 1,600 pints.’
    • ‘The Government should initiate steps to increase the water pressure so as to benefit the public, many of whom use handpumps, which is one of the causes of the spread of the disease.’
    • ‘With some good advice from the owner of a Southampton boutique beer shop who I met in a bar in Belgium, I started experimenting with real ales, which are of course the frothy liquids without many bubbles that come from the handpumps.’
    • ‘The spa water was delivered via a swan-headed, porcelain-handled handpump of brass and copper.’
    • ‘These include fixing some broken pumps and wells, creating watering holes for livestock to relieve congestion at handpumps, and reorganizing or establishing committees to manage water stations.’