Definition of handprint in English:



  • The mark left by the impression of a hand.

    • ‘So of course plain handprints evolved into footprints, and those mini footprints you can make with your fist and a finger.’
    • ‘A child's name, favorite sayings, or footprints and handprints all can make charming wall coverings.’
    • ‘If the pregnancy ends after 20 weeks, the Bethesda auxiliary provides parents with a memory album for footprints and handprints, a lock of hair, photos and other mementos.’
    • ‘The scars of cannonball fire still mark the exterior, and inside the main gate there are tiny handprints on the walls, the sati marks of the maharaja's widows who tragically joined him on his funeral pyre more than 150 years ago.’
    • ‘There were never any handprints, fingerprints, hair, or anything that led to the culprit.’
    • ‘Along with the photo, my wife sent a sheet of paper and taped to it, a snippet of dark downy hair and a tiny handprint and a footprint no bigger than the end of my thumb.’
    • ‘Her own footprints and handprints will indeed be very much to be reckoned with in the continuation of this and kindred researches.’
    • ‘Mikey was in the middle of nursing a red mark on his face that looked surprisingly like a handprint as I stomped back into the changing stall.’
    • ‘Damon will leave his mark for posterity at the opening ceremony by putting his handprints in clay on a plaque which will later have pride of place within the building.’
    • ‘HOLLYWOOD-style handprints have been set in stone to mark a major modernisation scheme at York District Hospital.’
    • ‘It was everywhere, the handprints, and the footprints, everywhere.’
    • ‘Our thumbprints, our handprints are all over this plan.’
    • ‘The Currency Lad argued last week that the Convention themes seemed to be marked with the President's own handprints.’
    • ‘Made up of dozens of red handprints, the stripes reflect the involvement of every Rivermont student from 3-year-old preschoolers to high-school seniors.’
    • ‘The singer marked his appearance by leaving his handprint in clay and signing the cast with a good luck message.’
    • ‘Numerous footprints, handprints, and painted hand stencils also exist in the archaeological record.’
    • ‘Support the project by making a handprint; these handprints will be used in the final artwork that will stand as a monument for all women and survivors.’
    • ‘The Hollywood-style promenade displays the handprints and footprints of stars from Jon Bon Jovi and Cliff Richard to Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner.’
    • ‘In different colours of paints, friends and other people had signed my walls and ceiling, leaving behind quotes, handprints, even footprints.’
    • ‘‘We take handprints and footprints to document the fetus,’ the abortion counselor explained.’