Definition of handover in English:



  • An act or instance of handing something over.

    • ‘Why was the information not communicated to me earlier and in fact left until after the handover and transfer of funds?’
    • ‘What's your assessment of the change of the handover and how that might affect things?’
    • ‘Have you witnessed any major changes since the handover to China?’
    • ‘It would need an orderly handover of some of our responsibilities.’
    • ‘Critics initially bemoaned bungled handovers from London and perceived parochialism.’
    • ‘This handover is not going to happen and there will be a gap.’
    • ‘He is one of the key negotiators of the parks handover and joint management.’
    • ‘A club statement said his departure from the board ‘will be effective at a mutually convenient future date when all the necessary handovers of responsibilities have been completed’.’
    • ‘Most of the staff were inside buildings preparing for the shift handover.’
    • ‘Mr Coutts-Wood recommended that both medical staff and paramedics should read report forms together during patient handovers and discuss any extra verbal information.’
    • ‘With the handover in sight and the rifts patched over, the chancellor and prime minister have never been so publicly united.’
    • ‘The High Court case centres on eight travel journals, including one account of the handover of Hong Kong to China.’
    • ‘The handover came in the same week that South Lakeland district councillors called for a public inquiry to decide the issue.’
    • ‘There has been a feeling that the outbreak of democracy represented a Latin American ‘spring’, with the countries now becoming accustomed to democracy and smooth handovers of power.’
    • ‘The Conservative leader will probably hang on to his job but only long enough to allow a smooth handover to a younger politician.’
    • ‘Blair wants UN involvement and a handover to a civil administration under a UN mandate as soon as possible.’
    • ‘I don't usually do handovers on a Sunday, but as the guy was so nice, I decided to make an exception to my rule.’
    • ‘Those concerns are reasons for Brown to push for an early handover.’
    • ‘Meetings will be held with all the staff to inform them of the changes and ensure a smooth handover.’
    • ‘The talk in Britain was of what to do with the potential asylum-seekers who might head for the UK if the handover went wrong.’
    movement, move, moving, shifting, shift, relocation, repositioning, transplant, redirection, conveyance, transferral, transference, removal, change, changeover, switch, conversion
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