Definition of handloom in English:



  • A manually operated loom.

    • ‘Similarly, we will take all effective measures possible for the rejuvenation of our traditional industries such as coir, cashew, handloom, fisheries, khadi and so on.’
    • ‘Sri Lanka has a vibrant textile industry, with a lot of textile production being done at home on hand looms by women.’
    • ‘Another district that is famed for products using the handloom is Kannur.’
    • ‘This wonderful place located just off Hosur Road, with its exclusive, hand-woven soft furnishings in pure cotton will transform your attitude towards all things made by handloom.’
    • ‘The workers in the conventional small industries sector such as coir and handloom face an uncertain future thanks to the globalisation policies.’
    • ‘It is considered necessary for that number of people "and the artisan" working with their own tools or handloom."’
    • ‘The Livesey Collection includes a table constructed from his original handloom.’
    • ‘Meantime traditional businesses, handloom, fishing, small scale industries, are suffering being unable to cope with the highly competitive modern industry.’
    • ‘A special discount of 25 per cent is being offered on products made by handloom.’
    • ‘Sally, 59, now heads the Women Weave Charitable Trust with a mission to popularise Indian handloom.’
    • ‘They have paid no dues, done no time, served no apprenticeship of lonely toil on pop's equivalent of the handloom.’
    • ‘The last place where a handloom was used was a certain old-fashioned roadside cottage in Ronnag, above the Curragh Vreeshey.’
    • ‘Of course a hand loom is a machine, it's just more low-tech.’
    • ‘In the case at hand, a handloom owned by one Rinku Sharma was destroyed in a fire in 2003.’
    • ‘The pattern in a piece of cloth made by machine is as much an object of design as the pattern from cloth produced by a hand loom.’
    • ‘The handloom was still being used, but under supervision of what was called the " Master Weaver ".’
    • ‘The other interested party in the fate of handloom is the banya, whose motives are commercially driven and exploitative.’
    • ‘These mills had closed by the 1850's and the handloom had all but vanished.’
    • ‘The way of life changed - as powered weaving was introduced, the putting-out system died and with it, the cottage handloom.’
    • ‘On the other hand, handloom is a traditional industry now finding new markets.’