Definition of handlebar moustache in English:

handlebar moustache


  • A wide, thick moustache with the ends curving slightly upwards.

    • ‘A heavy handlebar moustache hangs over a solid jaw, grey with a permanent five o'clock shadow.’
    • ‘There Leonilda ‘Pelusa’ Marini and husband Marcello, wearing his extravagant handlebar mustache, introduced Houston to the joys of gaucho pies and garlicky green chimichurri sauce.’
    • ‘Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1992, Fingers still sports the trademark handlebar mustache that makes him one of the most recognizable of all the 1970s A's.’
    • ‘He has a handlebar mustache and wears a ‘well-ironed, button-down shirt’ that seems in odd contrast to his ‘worn out jeans and boots.’’
    • ‘I turned around and was greeted by a Texas size smile illuminating a well tanned, slender face with what I'd categorize as a handlebar moustache minus the handles.’
    • ‘With a full handlebar moustache and sideburns, which took several weeks to grow, he was every bit the memorable family doctor.’
    • ‘‘Horta is very cosmopolitan,’ he says, patting his handlebar mustache.’
    • ‘He has a handlebar mustache and a honey-smooth voice, and after telling us his name, he adds, ‘I am a prophet.’’
    • ‘Regardless, this is just one of the ideas that I'm brainstorming to get me out of debt so I can pass checks at the grocery store without having to wear my fake handlebar mustache.’
    • ‘With his trademark handlebar mustache, lanky frame and camouflage clothes, the flamboyant outlaw had enjoyed a level of celebrity comparable to the screen idols of India's Bollywood movie industry.’
    • ‘Tinker, a career criminal, has spent much of his life in prison; he's pot-bellied, balding with straggly brown hair, and has a thick handlebar moustache.’
    • ‘‘It's too nice outside to be teaching a course,’ Beliveau says, his handlebar moustache rising slightly as he smiles.’
    • ‘Captain Borneo was wearing a flight jacket, the cap and insignia of an American air force captain, but if that wasn't a fake handlebar mustache, the Duke would eat a can of film.’
    • ‘It was Mr. Coltrane, looking a few years younger, in a bright yellow pair of swim trunks, with his arm around a short, trim blonde man, with a handlebar mustache and a wide smile.’
    • ‘Six months after he left, Mr. Rasimus was back at Travis Air Force Base in California, wearing a bunch of medals and a handlebar mustache that he was assured was bulletproof.’
    • ‘Or maybe he thinks I should grow a thick handlebar moustache?’
    • ‘His slightly receding hair was down to his waist, and he had a bushy handlebar mustache and huge sideburns.’
    • ‘Such is the case with a rancher named Baxter, a selfish baron so cold-hearted and villainous he lacks only a handlebar mustache to twirl.’
    • ‘With his handlebar moustache and penchant for multi-coloured bow ties, flamboyant Waterford architect Oliver Dempsey is used to standing out in the crowd.’
    • ‘Cowboy Jeremy Mink, 29, is the real deal with a handlebar moustache, a.38-calibre revolver strapped to his side and a familial commitment to the 1,400 cattle he lives with throughout the year.’


handlebar moustache