Definition of handkerchief tree in English:

handkerchief tree


  • another term for dove tree
    • ‘It is the handkerchief tree par excellence, the large rounded crowns being covered with evenly spaced handkerchieves of white at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘The dove or handkerchief trees are certainly among the crown jewels of the arboretum and the Park is blessed with five of them.’
    • ‘Highlights included the laburnum arch in full flower, the handkerchief trees and the Chilean firethorn.’
    • ‘Visitors to the garden will be able to wander around the two lawns, a woodland area at the top of the garden and see around 30 to 40 different types of plants and trees, including fabulous bamboo grasses, Australian and New Zealand tree ferns, handkerchief trees, rhododendrons and perennials.’
    • ‘It is the bracts that give the tree its common names of dove tree, ghost tree, and handkerchief tree.’
    • ‘It is called the handkerchief tree because of the large, curiously shaped white flowers but, like whitethorn, it is a long-term investment.’
    • ‘We also have the biggest handkerchief tree in the country, which takes its name from its distinctive blossom, which is also out at the moment.’
    • ‘Davidia involucrata is commonly called the ‘handkerchief tree ‘or the ‘dove tree‘.’
    • ‘The small flowers do not depend on petals to advertise themselves but instead exhibit two large white drooping bracts in May, giving the appearance of nesting doves (to some); others, who use the name handkerchief tree, are reminded of laundry hanging on the line.’
    • ‘We did see the odd handkerchief tree in the courtyard whose white bracts make it look as if someone has tied a thousand large white handkerchiefs to its branches.’