Definition of handily in English:



  • 1In a way or position that is convenient for use; usefully.

    ‘these goodies all fit handily into a single bag’
    ‘the hotel is handily placed for all the sights’
    • ‘They handily gave out score sheets for you to fill in as you went along.’
    • ‘The GPS handily points out the gas stations that carry diesel.’
    • ‘In a user guide, they handily provide a list of acronyms.’
    • ‘You can head over to this website, where somebody has handily enough put together an accessible version of it.’
    • ‘They're handily placed just across the road from the doctor's surgery.’
    • ‘A brief orientation with a map will confirm that most of the attractions are handily situated in the compact centre, and easily reached on foot.’
    • ‘Anyone could have had their body mass index checked yesterday at Cancer Research UK's stall, handily located between the coffee shop and restaurant.’
    • ‘Practically any type of food is handily available, accompanied by expert preparation and service, if you don't feel like cooking.’
    • ‘Handily, there is a glossary, so that you will know that a tufter is an old hound.’
    • ‘They didn't even bother to make sure that rescue units were going to be handily available.’
  • 2In a skilful manner.

    ‘they can handily accomplish any task’
    ‘Lucas handily captures the feel of 1930s-era films’
    • ‘He wanted to show the fans that he could earn their respect, which he handily accomplished in this match.’
    • ‘He handily manipulates the criminals by secretly sending a telegram to the police.’
    • ‘He handily executed his menswear designs with a sure hand.’
    • ‘She was switching her leads a little bit down the lane, but I thought she did it pretty handily.’
    • ‘The cards will be available in denominations of three, six, and twelve months, and they handily sidestep the problem of people not wishing to use their credit card to pay for subscriptions.’
    • ‘The annoying malady was handily repaired with surgery, leaving three small well-hidden punctures as the only evidence.’
    • ‘The lean, niche operator of short-line and regional freight railroads has steered through the downturn handily, kept prices firm, and is well capitalized’
    • ‘She handily demonstrated the difference between discomfort and enervating boredom.’
    • ‘She handily evokes everyday absurdities.’
    • ‘He has handily managed the two challenges — profit growth and debt service — that I focused on.’
    1. 2.1North American Without delay or difficulty; easily.
      ‘Waterloo handily defeated the York Lions 3–0’
      ‘Lewis won handily, with 68 per cent of the vote’
      • ‘More witty banter ensues as the duo handily defeats the thugs.’
      • ‘"If he can win handily in two Southern states, that would be the end of really one of the last question marks about his nationwide appeal," he said.’
      • ‘By the end of that second year, I was handily passing my classes.’
      • ‘The challenger handily trounced him by a ratio of more than two to one.’
      • ‘If it came to a vote, I expect this song would handily trounce all comers anyway.’
      • ‘Protected through redistricting, he is expected to win handily in 2002.’
      • ‘He will not be suckered into thinking that England will be beaten handily today.’
      • ‘Stanford's men's team was handily defeated by the Yale women's varsity during a west-coast swing last winter.’
      • ‘This is a contest the team has won handily in the past.’
      • ‘We have a team coming in tonight that we beat handily in New York.’