Definition of handicraft in English:



also handicrafts
  • 1[mass noun] Activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand:

    ‘the traditional handicrafts of this region’
    • ‘A Cheam interior design company is offering people with creative flair the chance to learn new skills at workshops set up to revive interest in traditional handicrafts.’
    • ‘A gap appeared, and soon became a gulf, when modern industry arose in the West and when imperial conquest ruined many traditional handicrafts.’
    • ‘It is no different for traditional handicrafts of West Bengal.’
    • ‘For Lee, the main task is to rediscover traditional handicrafts and Taiwanese cultural symbols and mold them into modern luxuries for international markets.’
    • ‘The creations of artisans of the traditional and exclusive handicrafts of Burdwan of West Bengal are on display-cum-sale at Ravindra Bharathi.’
    • ‘A wide range of wooden statues, ready-made garments, decorative greeting cards, handicrafts items and eateries were on display.’
    • ‘Make it to Safina Plaza to celebrate the traditional handicrafts and take home a piece of our heritage.’
    • ‘In Kwazulu Natal, Africa, a handicrafts workshop has afforded rural women economic self-sufficiency and self-esteem.’
    • ‘This push for the sector comes at a time when the realisation has dawned that handicrafts have to get its bread and butter from the domestic market.’
    • ‘Later on things improved and now they organise special events, with charity diners or workshops to allow people to learn handicrafts or cooking.’
    • ‘Most of the traditional handicrafts of the country have been neglected for a long time and are on the verge of extinction.’
    • ‘An emblem to commemorate the region's handicrafts would be launched during the silver jubilee year celebrations of the Union Territory's independence.’
    • ‘At most handicrafts exhibitions, exotically designed folding fans are invariably among the interesting articles on display in the stalls.’
    • ‘Other handicrafts include woodcarving and basketry.’
    • ‘The exhibition was aimed at popularising traditional handicrafts of the State and help in improving the earnings of artisans.’
    • ‘Some of these traditional handicrafts, such as pottery and basket weaving, are caste-based activities and tend to be more utilitarian than decorative.’
    • ‘Practitioners of traditional handicrafts may register with the government and eventually receive a partial pension.’
    • ‘As well as the natural beauty of the region, visitors are drawn to its ornate temples and Buddhist shrines, and can watch locals skilled in the area's traditional arts and handicrafts.’
    • ‘Making jewelry and cutting precious stones also are traditional handicrafts in Gujarat.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the show is organised to popularise traditional handicrafts and help improve the earnings of artisans.’
    craft, handiwork, craftwork
    craftsmanship, workmanship, artisanship, art, skill
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    1. 1.1 Decorative domestic objects made by hand.
      • ‘Though many of these handicrafts are unique and purely traditional, Shrujan has been successful in blending these designs with more contemporary patterns.’
      • ‘Small-scale agriculture has been the backbone of the economy, with some light industry, mainly handicraft and garment production.’
      • ‘Most of the embroidery handicrafts exhibited in the gallery were made by Wu and other Dong families and they display ingenious talent and extraordinary creativity.’
      • ‘‘They regard their creations only as mass handicraft products instead of valuable art forms,’ she added.’
      • ‘Other products on sale at the service stations will include handicrafts, and traditional herbs.’
      • ‘The most significant handicraft produced by the Quechua is textiles.’
      • ‘Rows of brightly decorated wooden huts sell Czech handicrafts, wooden toys and puppets, jewellery and attractive Bohemian glass.’
      • ‘With the growing tourist industry, there is a small market for traditional handicrafts, including woven baskets and mats, wood cavings, and jewelry.’
      • ‘She wrote her autobiography, besides authoring books on the status of women, handicrafts and embroidery.’
      • ‘Clean and cheerful, the rooms are decorated with children's artwork and handicrafts.’
      • ‘I'm talking about handicrafts here - pottery, quilting and textile arts, for example.’
      • ‘There will be traditional Persian food, handicrafts, music and home-made sweets available at the event.’
      • ‘They do work hard-but rarely at jobs that directly produce domestic pleasures like food, furniture, or handicrafts.’
      • ‘The Cottage Industries Emporium here opened shop in 1984, and is considered a one-stop destination to buy varied handicraft and handloom products from all over the country.’
      • ‘Saudi Arabia is famous for gold and silver handicrafts, particularly jewelry fashioned as both a decorative art and as a status symbol.’
      • ‘At a later stage, she made and sold several handicrafts, such as traditional necklaces and bracelets.’
      • ‘The city is also famous for its handicrafts, colorful woven baskets, and silverware.’
      • ‘Traditional Thai handicrafts such as silks and wooden ornaments were on sale as Thai, Chinese and street dancing groups entertained crowds.’
      • ‘They told women to consider pottery, baskets, mats and handicrafts which could help them make a decent living.’
      • ‘A rich tradition of folk art and handicrafts arises from different regions in Brazil.’
      • ‘There are six markets in total selling handicrafts and traditional gifts.’
      • ‘They are a buzz with people and stalls, selling many traditional handicrafts ideal for presents.’
      creation, product, work, achievement, design, doing, action, result
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Middle English: alteration of handcraft, on the pattern of handiwork.