Definition of handicapper in English:



  • 1A person appointed to fix or assess a competitor's handicap, especially in golf or horse racing.

    • ‘Track handicappers split the horses in each race into four separate pools based on ability.’
    • ‘An expert handicapper and horse owner, Olczyk has what it takes to spot a winner.’
    • ‘Only 32, Sherman already has put in eight years at the Las Vegas sports books, and is likely the most knowledgeable golf handicapper in the country.’
    • ‘Ron, if I had a horse racing handicapper here, I would ask him to tell me who is going to win first tomorrow at aqueduct.’
    • ‘However, Ciaran Kennelly, senior handicapper of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, suggested a more international structure.’
    • ‘Not only that, but in a listing of 33 handicappers' selections in the Racing Form only one handicapper selected Volponi.’
    • ‘Racing industry stewards and handicappers are fairly and justly proud of protecting the integrity of the actual racing but in my ears the administrative cartel is not generally entitled to respect.’
    • ‘Bob Slater, handicapper for the Miami Herald for the last 30 years, died on Saturday at Avenutura Hospital in Miami.’
    • ‘The horse-race handicapper is not in there, but the press does it.’
    • ‘The disproportionately valuable Fred Winter Hurdle took the Pertemps' Tuesday slot because the official handicappers insisted the juvenile handicap was run before the Triumph.’
    • ‘Saavy handicappers and fantasy football players do all the research they can to keep up, but everyone's been taken aback by the game-day inactive list at one point or another.’
    • ‘The narrow win here may fool the handicapper into giving Gift Horse only a small rise in the ratings but I doubt it.’
    • ‘A panel of three handicappers picked the horses in each bet.’
    • ‘Television Games Network anchor and racing analyst Caton Bredar will be joined by handicapper Debra Giglio on an all-female panel of celebrity guests.’
    • ‘Weights for the three mile five furlong contest will not be finalised by handicapper Noel O'Brien until next Monday, but Beef Or Salmon would carry top weight.’
    • ‘The markets work in the same way as the Tote works at the racetrack, where the crowd is better at picking winning horses than any individual handicapper.’
    • ‘Mike Battaglia, oddsmaker at Churchill Downs since 1975 and one of horse racing's most respected handicappers, will be an analyst for NBC at the Belmont Stakes.’
    • ‘‘It was just a disaster,’ said track handicapper Gina Rosenthal, who witnessed the incident.’
    • ‘Twelve years later, Kennelly joined the Turf Club as handicapper for flat racing; 12 years after that, he got the call from Hong Kong.’
    • ‘For example, when the handicapper allots a weight to a horse for the Grand National, he will look at its previous form.’
    1. 1.1usually in combination A person or horse having a specified handicap.
      ‘a three-handicapper’
      • ‘Many beginners and high handicappers overuse their bodies.’
      • ‘As a low-single-digit handicapper, I have never really understood the release of the club until now.’
      • ‘Players of all handicaps are welcomed, beginners, low handicappers, high handicappers, women, men, anyone, it's all about enjoying a round of golf.’
      • ‘Higher handicappers claimed a driving average of 227 yards and, in actuality, hit it 198 yards - a 29-yard lie of the mind.’
      • ‘By the early '70s the solid, two-piece Spalding Top-Flite had become popular among higher handicappers for its distance and durability.’
      • ‘In contrast, higher handicappers often take the club back too severely to the inside with their shoulders, then come ‘over the top’ on the downswing, creating pulls and slices.’
      • ‘One hallmark of the higher handicapper's swing-particularly the slicer's is the tendency to be too aggressive at the start of the downswing.’
      • ‘Our over-10 handicappers took, on average, 3.6 shots just to get on the green.’
      • ‘David and I are about 12 - handicappers, and we play from the blue tees.’
      • ‘WHY IS IT that we so rarely play to our single-digit handicaps or that some of those 14 - handicappers often play a lot better than we think they should?’
      • ‘The conditions made for a pleasant round of golf and it was the low handicappers who dominated off the yellow tees.’
      • ‘Most high handicappers pick the club straight up in the backswing and make a chopping motion in the downswing.’
      • ‘Slightly softer sand is preferred by a higher handicapper who cannot develop the clubhead speed needed to get through a firm sand bunker shot.’
      • ‘This year's winners represent programs in which responsible citizens are more valued than single-digit handicappers.’
      • ‘I wanted to build a course that better players find challenging, but also one where higher handicappers will have fun.’
      • ‘As a mid-teens handicapper, I had knocked on the door of 80 a few times but never could break through.’
      • ‘Upon the restart more than an hour later, the sombre and saturated conditions witnessed some excellent golf from the higher handicappers with the veteran Ed Trayling heading division two with level par 36 points.’
      • ‘Too often, you see PGA Tour pros on television - or even 4 - handicappers at your club - and you want to emulate their textbook swings.’
      • ‘With nearly all the low handicappers struggling over the Nick Faldo designed Ban Chan layout, which was suffering from a lack of mowing on the greens and buffeted by high winds, it was left to the middle rankers to take the honours on the day.’
      • ‘You 10 - handicappers out there can probably relate to that.’
      • ‘It's great to see the low handicappers get their licks in on a golf course that can be kind and brutal all in the same round.’
      • ‘He's a one handicapper at his local golf course where he just won the club championship.’
      • ‘High handicappers rarely get up and down from greenside bunkers.’
      • ‘Better players swing the club more on plane than high handicappers.’
      • ‘A 12 - handicapper at Carlow Golf Club, he represented the club on the Barton Cup and the Jimmy Bruen Shield teams.’
      • ‘I see him as one of those double-digit handicappers who gets up and hits a hard hook off the first tee, a breed that wins disproportionately.’
      • ‘This week the bragging rights were won by one of the lower handicappers, Big Dennis Willett, past PSC golf chairman.’