Definition of handgun in English:



  • A gun designed for use by one hand; a pistol.

    • ‘A safe in the building was recently opened revealing sub-machine guns, handguns and listening devices.’
    • ‘Shotguns and handguns may also have straps, but our present interest is the hunting rifle.’
    • ‘A vicar has been charged with firearm offences after a handgun and bullets were found in his home by police.’
    • ‘They are available for most popular models of service handguns, revolvers and autos.’
    • ‘The vast majority of my field and hunting handguns are single action revolvers.’
    • ‘Prohibited weapons handed in included seven handguns and two shotguns.’
    • ‘You cannot address crime prevention without getting rid of assault weapons and handguns.’
    • ‘The reporter had a choice of fake handguns, pistols and revolvers on display in a glass case among books and small toys.’
    • ‘Mostly light weapons such as assault rifles and handguns were destroyed.’
    • ‘The plot was uncovered as the three set out on their mission armed with rifles, handguns, swords and knifes.’
    • ‘They went over to a spot on one wall where handguns and revolvers were set up.’
    • ‘Most gun injuries and deaths were caused by handguns, not shotguns and rifles, the seminar heard.’
    • ‘It can serve as a shotgun, an accurate big bore rifle, a handgun, and even as a flare gun.’
    • ‘Five years after the sweeping 1998 ban on handguns, handgun crime had doubled.’
    • ‘It is stated that Australia banned ownership of most handguns and semiauto rifles.’
    • ‘The photos in the different tactical articles show handguns and rifles in use.’
    • ‘About halfway through the game guns show up - handguns, shotguns, and a few rifles.’
    • ‘The gang was carrying a handgun, shotgun and an assortment of iron bars.’
    • ‘From six long guns and a few handguns to dozens of long guns and dozens of handguns, you can find what you need.’
    • ‘So far, he had only ever used hunting guns such as shot guns or rifles, and handguns like the one his father kept with his new uniform.’
    pistol, revolver, gun, side arm, automatic pistol, six-shooter, thirty-eight, derringer, browning automatic
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