Definition of handgrip in English:



  • 1A handle for holding something by.

    ‘you will find the camera button located close to the handgrip on the right-hand side of the body’
    • ‘A brass plate on the underside of the handgrip handle reads: Patented Dec.8, 1883.’
    • ‘The proportions were odd, with cut-down stocks and a smaller handgrip to accommodate shorter trigger fingers.’
    • ‘I long to own a sword of my own, with handgrips made of sharkskin and a blade that I have sharpened to a point where it could cut through this cherry blossom tree in two swipes of the blade.’
    • ‘You twist the right handgrip to accelerate and grip the bike-style brakes to stop.’
    • ‘It features an 8-inch touch-navigation screen and rubberized handgrips that vibrate for heightened effect.’
    • ‘Stopping is accomplished by squeezing the handgrips, with the brakes operating in an on-off fashion.’
    • ‘Bayonet mounts, flash suppressors, and ventilated handgrips were some of the requirements that were previously necessary to ban a weapon.’
    • ‘Never squeeze handgrips tightly but maintain a loose comfortable grip (a tight grip elevates blood pressure).’
    • ‘Instead of that wheel, you may find a pair of handgrips.’
    • ‘The surgeon uses handgrips and foot pedals to control the three robotic arms that perform the actual surgical procedure.’
    • ‘In operations during hours of darkness, enemy positions were marked using the 9mm laser mounted on the handgrip of the 9mm pistol.’
    • ‘The arrow should be placed in the centre of the bowstring with the shaft resting on the bow just above your handgrip.’
    • ‘Ergonomic, non-slip rubber handgrips make for easy holding.’
    • ‘During the summer months, they can help you keep a better grip on the handgrips when your hands begin to sweat from the heat.’
    • ‘They leap at the door, pressing release buttons, the magnetic cuffs whipping back from the cables onto their handgrips.’
    • ‘For instance the tailgate top window is hinged providing an opening for smaller items to be loaded, while the tailgate itself has good handgrips.’
    • ‘The genius part is that height and rebound are fully adjustable courtesy of handgrips, you don't need tools to give the tortured undercarriage some breathing space on the road.’
    • ‘You twist the handgrip to pivot left or right, lean the platform forward to go faster, and rock it back to slow down or stop.’
    • ‘To operate the by-wire systems, drivers brake and accelerate using two handgrips, which glide up and down for steering.’
    • ‘For a double challenge, release the handgrips and just rest your hands on the handles for balance, not support.’
    haft, shank, stock, shaft, grip, hilt, helve, butt
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  • 2A grasp with the hand, especially considered in terms of its strength, as in a handshake.

    ‘Dick's handgrip grew even more intense’
    • ‘Isometric handgrip exercise seems to significantly reduce systolic blood pressure and carotid arterial distensibility.’
    • ‘Isometric handgrip exercises or Valsalva's maneuvers normally increase the heart rate, but this effect may be minimal or absent in patients with this syndrome.’
    • ‘Two new studies show that handgrip exercises make blood vessels more flexible, improve blood vessel function, and lower high blood pressure.’
    • ‘Functional handgrip strength can be used as a standard method to detect decreases in strength that indirectly indicate generalized muscle weakness and the resulting metabolic changes.’
    • ‘Free-testosterone concentrations did not correlate with handgrip or quadriceps muscle strength or endurance.’
    • ‘Strengthening your forearms aids handgrip strength and can help guard against tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.’
    • ‘This was done in order to ensure that handgrip strength had not fallen during the course of the experimental procedure.’
    • ‘A study by O'Donnell et al examined the changes in isometric muscle strength and endurance of the quadriceps muscle and handgrip after a 6-week endurance training program.’
    • ‘In patients with muscular dystrophy, ten grams of creatine daily for five days, followed by five grams daily for an additional five to seven days against placebo, produced increases in handgrip, and ankle and knee strength.’
    • ‘Pulmonary function, maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures, quadriceps force, handgrip force, and maximal exercise capacity were assessed.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the improved vasodilatory capacity appears to be specific to the area trained as 4 weeks of handgrip exercise only showed restored flowdependent dilation in the trained arm.’
    • ‘Both studies used similar methodology and isometric handgrip exercise three times a week for eight weeks at 30% of maximal voluntary contraction.’
    • ‘Maneuvers that cause the click or murmur to occur earlier in systole include standing from the supine position, performing a submaximal isometric handgrip exercise, straining during the Valsalva maneuver and inhaling amyl nitrite.’
    • ‘Strength and endurance of handgrip were tested in 9 hypogonadal and 10 eugonadal patients.’
    handshake, hand grip, hand clasp
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  • 3A soft bag with handles for carrying belongings in on a journey.