Definition of handglass in English:



  • 1A magnifying glass held in the hand.

    • ‘Arts and crafts, jewelry, handbags, and handglass will be available for purchase.’
    • ‘Here's the bad news: if you've only got a handglass, often you can't.’
    • ‘All in all an interesting collection which can be examined under a handglass for the fine detail.’
    • ‘After the police officer says that it's that thing with her picture on it, the blonde gives him a handglass.’
    • ‘Though most of the time, we were staring into our handglasses at bits and pieces of rock, or gigantic rocks, wondering what we were supposed to look at.’
    • ‘Propagation by cuttings of the roots is the most successful method, the cuttings being placed in sand, under a handglass.’
  • 2A small mirror with a handle.

    • ‘He surveyed himself critically in the handglass held in his now free remaining hand.’
    • ‘She would brush and comb her hair, use a mirror or "handglass", cold creams, lip balms, hair pins, and fragrance.’
    • ‘Decking herself out in them, she regards herself and the sparkling gems in the handglass that came with them, then bursts into the brilliant ‘Air des Bijous’.’
    • ‘She rubbed her handglass briskly on her woollen bric-a-brac container.’
    • ‘My features, the straw yellow hair, the moss green of my eyes, the spray of freckles on my cheekbones dissolved into the silver backing of the handglass.’