Definition of handedness in English:



mass noun
  • The tendency to use either the right or the left hand more naturally than the other.

    ‘injury has forced him to change his handedness’
    • ‘We did not feel that it was justified to include handedness as a covariate in our ANCOVA analysis.’
    • ‘For instance, handedness is not a socially learned behaviour.’
    • ‘Biased handedness was traditionally thought to be a uniquely human trait, thought to relate to the separate functions for the two halves of the brain.’
    • ‘The organ that I'm thinking of is the brain, which looks rather symmetric, true, but is about as full of handedness as an organ can get.’
    • ‘Although microscopic jaw structures and reversed handedness are not the primary focus of this study, some observations are nevertheless noteworthy.’
    • ‘A major problem faced in studies of a complex trait such as handedness concerns the criteria used to define a person's handedness.’
    • ‘So I wondered, what do people think about the left brain/right brain divide, and in particular in relation to handedness?’
    • ‘Our approach in the 2002 paper was an analysis of covariance, with age and handedness (both of which had significant effects) as covariates.’
    • ‘Various statistics, such as identical twins with different handedness, have blown most genetic theories.’
    • ‘Rather, the R gene dictates nonrandom distribution of handedness and whorling traits only with respect to the left-right body axis.’
    • ‘Another mutation, inv, causes the complete reversal of handedness in mice; the inv gene codes for a protein containing ankyrin repeats, which suggests an involvement with the cytoskeleton.’
    • ‘There appears to be no strong correlation to the person's handedness.’
    • ‘To further probe for a biological basis of handedness, the researchers examined handedness among pairs of chimp siblings.’
    • ‘Even so, I firmly believe that the consequences of handedness can provide a credible basis for our emergent freedom.’
    • ‘Nearly all right-handers are left-brained for language, suggesting that the D allele controls both handedness and brain dominance for language.’
    • ‘Reversed handedness among fossil polychaete jaws was recently described by Bergman.’
    • ‘But as long as our understanding of the origin and character of handedness remains clouded, its implications for the nature and ontological status of space will also remain somewhat obscure.’
    • ‘But this is hardly a definitive answer to the question of handedness.’
    • ‘It's no wonder that psychologists adopted the view that handedness is (at least partially) a learned behavior.’
    • ‘In a study involving 93 people, they found a strong statistical connection between handedness and cerebral dopamine asymmetries.’