Definition of handcraft in English:



[with object]usually as adjective handcrafted
  • Make skilfully by hand.

    ‘a handcrafted rocking chair’
    • ‘Not only that, we prefer it all to be handcrafted and custom-made.’
    • ‘A nativity scene handcrafted by children has been restored to provide a traditional touch to a village's Christmas celebrations.’
    • ‘Aesthetically, it stands apart from its Western counterparts, for each Indian piece is painstakingly handcrafted.’
    • ‘Her mum, Pauline Russell, has also handcrafted a doll, which she plans to raffle at Comrade Social Club in Old Road, Clacton.’
    • ‘Why, Ethan Allen himself couldn't have handcrafted a finer spice rack.’
    • ‘The usual handcrafted items such as terracotta, metal craft, wood craft and leather craft are on display along with some jewellery.’
    • ‘For Rs.5, you can get a beautifully handcrafted friendship band.’
    • ‘Specialising in traditionally handcrafted wood products, the company has since grown from strength to strength.’
    • ‘The island temple will have all-granite handcrafted panels.’
    • ‘All exhibitors' art or crafts will be subject to the approval of a jury of peers to ensure that works are handcrafted by the submitting artist.’
    • ‘At the end of every twig is a handcrafted poppy flower.’
    • ‘The man from Great Southern was presented a blue and white sash, a rosette, a specially handcrafted rug from the SAIS and a trophy.’
    • ‘Cecile Augherean will exhibit miniature/fine crochet as well as handcrafted Christmas decorations.’
    • ‘Each member of the band was presented with a specially designed candleholder handcrafted by Forkin and Brennan at their workshop at Bert Cross.’
    • ‘When I was young, my father gave me a beautiful, handcrafted chess set.’
    • ‘Or perhaps handcrafted Godiva chocolates with a love note attached?’
    • ‘Part art project, part trophy ski, Zai planks are handcrafted in Switzerland.’
    • ‘The limitations of this ultimately low-tech, handcrafted sophistication are apparent, though.’
    • ‘All the lamps are handcrafted to perfection to resemble those created at the Tiffany's Studio, New York.’
    • ‘Applique, beadwork and silk thread are used to embroider these handcrafted articles, with camel hide being the main item for leatherwork.’


  • another term for handicraft
    • ‘There were many stalls in the car park offering craftwork, local foodstuffs, books, toys and handcrafts.’
    • ‘At the Punanga Nui market Dame Sylvia and her official party spent over an hour meeting members of local women's groups and other non-government organisations and looking at locally produced handcrafts.’
    • ‘Bricklaying is one of the oldest handcrafts, it is the assembling of bricks, blocks and stone in various patterns and designs.’
    • ‘The Dunquin fair originated with just five local people selling their handcrafts in the foyer of the heritage centre.’
    • ‘Senior Citizens Notes: Today we extend a warm welcome to Denise Phipps who will be illustrating various types of handcrafts, card & clay making etc.’
    • ‘Its leaves are used to cook and transport food, to make baskets and handcrafts, and it is even used to produce liquor.’
    • ‘These days a number of vendors use the facility to sell products ranging from fresh produce and cooked food through to handcrafts and clothing.’
    • ‘Throughout her life also, she created many articles of craftsmanship in knitting, sewing and other handcrafts.’
    • ‘In the handcrafts ' category, stone carvings from Agra, semi-precious stone and stone statues, brass items from Moradabad and jute products from Kolkata, are moving fast.’
    • ‘Hence I use the linear qualities of these materials to create various forms and surfaces through techniques that parallel handcrafts.’
    • ‘The festival will last until June 6 and feature activities such as an Aboriginal wedding, athletics competitions, exhibitions of Aboriginal handcrafts and food and a conference on Aboriginal poetry and song.’
    • ‘The Connecticut Nurses' Foundation's Silent Auction, a tradition at Convention, offered bidding opportunities on 30 items ranging from handcrafts to a number of posters.’
    • ‘Strangely enough, by losing myself in the delights of my new environment - in the carpets and kilims, in the handcrafts of all kinds, in Turkish classical music and calligraphy - I came to appreciate my own language more acutely.’
    • ‘He was in Bali on business, buying handcrafts for his family's gift store on the Gold Coast.’
    • ‘And a tourist in Krakow does not want to be left penniless, when there is glossy amber to be bought and intricate handcrafts to be bartered over.’
    • ‘The Kenyan native sells African handcrafts to European clients, but she knows little about U.S. markets and they don't know she exists.’
    • ‘Having spent much of the 1970s educating himself in a stunning array of practical handcrafts, Manser took himself off in 1984 to find a way of life in which he could use his skills for greater benefit.’
    • ‘Herzog has continually demonstrated that environmentally friendly architecture is not synonymous with kitschy handcrafts, and a life reduced to eating muesli in mud huts.’
    • ‘Presentations were also made to those who did the Brannra tests in handcrafts.’
    • ‘In fact, primary and some secondary schools had practical subjects workshops for handcrafts, woodwork and bricklaying.’